Discover 2016’s Most Beloved Android Games

Sifting through the flood of new android games can make picking your next game a chore. Nowadays more & more companies are jumping onboard the lucrative Android bandwagon. This new surge of corporate interest is fueling a whole new wave of exciting developments. Since the number of Android games has erupted, it’s easy to miss the next big game. For this reason we are showcasing some of our favorite Android games to guide you to your next gaming fix. Created in April 2016, this is the most recent Android game list to date. So sit back & prepare to be united with a new awesome game!

Top Android Games 2016

Android Games 4
Defend your home against starving zombies!

Best Tower Defense Game: Plants vs Zombies 2 – One game that has artfully won over millions of players worldwide is Plants vs Zombies. After its debut this franchise exploded in popularity & left us impatiently waiting for a sequel. Unlike most highly anticipated duds, Plants vs Zombies managed to reinvent themselves with this cunning sequel. Get lost in the game as you defend your house from hoards of brain hungry zombies. The graphics vibrantly showcase a slew of new plants, zombies & levels that are available to unlock with incessant gameplay. Until they release a new sequel this game will stay at the top of our list.

Android Games 3
Take the dragons to war with this epic game!

Best Shooter RPG Game: Dragon Heroes – This game is entertaining enough to make you want to jump headfirst into war. The game artfully blends an arcade style with Asian folklore. As it loads you are called upon to join a group of warriors as they defend their town from an onslaught of dragons. As you play you unlock more powerful warriors & the ability to hone their skills. It’s an extremely fun & addicting game. By the end of the day you will be a full fledged dragon slayer!

Android Games 2
Get some candy by snipping rope!

Best Puzzle Game: Cut the Rope 2 – This puzzle game will quickly make its way into your heart & smartphone with its lovable characters. The object of the game is feeding a little green critter called Om Nom bits of candy. You win him more sugary treasures every time you cut the rope dividing you & your bounty. Be warned, once you reach later levels these cute graphics mask an extremely difficult game. Make sure Om Nom doesn’t starve by snipping your way to victory!

Android Games 1
Test your problem solving skills with this challenging game.

Our Favorite Android Game: Roll the Ball – Stimulate your brain with this series of strategic challenges. You have to use both your wits & imagination to defeat this slide puzzle game. Simply put you have to get the ball from its starting point to the end goal. However there are a number of tiles that are standing in your way. You have to forge your path by maneuvering the tiles around. It may sound simple, but a number of red/blue screwed down tiles make sure that you are pushed to your wits end! Keep on playing to unlock action packed bonus games & extra features.

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