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Hit it Rich Casino App

Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots App by Zynga is the best app to have it on your Android for some casino games. It is the most popular app that you can even find in your social network Facebook to play pokies games and has more than 1 billion players. All this is because like it name Hit it Rich it hits you to become a billionaire by winning some awesome jackpots. You will love the variety of games with outstanding soundtracks and animated movies.

Features of Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots App

Hit it Rich free casino slots app

This app has some wonderful features with millions of free coins every single day!

  • You can spin and play more than 100 Vegas-style pokies games
  • The app offers you free coins every 2 hours
  • You can play bonus games with millions of free coins daily
  • Win awesome mystery gifts and free lucky charms that turn into bonuses
  • Enjoy playing huge jackpots of 1,000,000,000 coins and more

The app connects your game account to Facebook, as this ensures your game is backed by additional data storage support. Moreover, doing so entitles you to as many as 100,000 free coins.

The app also allows receiving and sharing of coins among FB friends, for which you can send as many as 50 coins per player to as many as 25 friends.

Hit it Rich app also runs a daily slot tournament. You automatically become a tournament contender once you start getting into the gaming action.

Achieve as many Big Wins as you can to earn a place as one of the top finishers to win a share of the jackpot at stake.

Pokies to be played with Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots App

hit it rich free casino slots app

There are some amazing pokies to play with the Hit it Rich casino app. Most of the pokies come with progressive Jackpot and jackpot wins.  There are more than 100 pokies games to enjoy with different themes and titles. You can choose from classic pokies like Wizard of Oz to action pokies like the Terminator or even some glamorous pokies games like Modern Sex and City or other 5 reel pokies games like Beetle Bailey, Blondie What’s Cooking Splendor of Rome, Three Stooges, The Princess Bride, Real Housewives, Elvira, Mystic Maidens, Cupid’s Kiss, Oz – Over the Rainbow and lots and lots of more.

The new pokies game that you can play currently is Gas Monkey Garage, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Frank Sinatra. Also, multi-pokies are packed with rich ways to win virtual coins and compete with your friends.

Also, there are game tournaments to play, a high limit lobby to venture with great achievements you can showcase there.

Take note of the game meter atop the reel. Once the indicator turns entirely green, you will attain new game levels that unlock one pokies’ title at a time.

Bonuses in Hit it Rich Casino Free Casino Slots App

hit it rich free casino slot app

As there are so many pokies to play within this app so are the many bonuses to grab. When you start your play you have 75000 free welcome coins to play with. Also each time you level up you unlock exclusive new games with new bonuses.

The games vary by bet size and several lines, but they have some common features too. Bonus rounds are activated by finding three “Bonus” symbols on valid lines, launching either a single bonus game or giving you the chance to choose randomly between multiple options. Big wins can be posted directly to Facebook, and a special challenge feature can land you some extra coins if you outscore friends in specific bonus games.

Every coin wagered adds experience points to a bar at the top of the screen, advancing you to the next level when you fill it up. As said above gaining a level gets you some bonus coins and unlocks new max bets on all machines.

High Roller Loyalty Program

High Roller Loyalty Program
High Roller Loyalty Program

As you earn points and level up you are enrolled in the High Roller loyalty program, which can eventually lead to perks like bonuses on coin purchases exclusive content, enhanced customer service, and reduced time between free bonus coins. Like in online casinos there is a VIP tier class same is here ranging from Pewter to Platinum which you can avail.

To qualify in the Progressive Jackpot pokies you require minimum bets ranging from at least 60,000 up to 3.200,000 coins. Also when you play progressive jackpots like The Phantom, The Princess Bride, Giant Jackpot, Hot Cleveland, and The Wizard of Oz- Follow the Yellow Brick Road, prize pools could reach 9-digit figures.

Big Wins

Big Wins
Big Wins

Take a big slice of the prizes by playing with Big Slice slots like Freaki Tiki, Castle Ville, Three Stooges, and Downtown Abbey. Minimum bets of 9,000 or 10,000 coins could bring you super big “Big Wins” of up to hundred thousand coins. Add the element of surprise by playing with Mystery Gift games like Bridesmaids, Moon Pies, and Real Housewives, as those unlock games currently available only at high-level stages.

There is no need to worry if you run out of coins to use as bet money as there are several ways of getting more. Aside from the regular supply of free coins, you can collect every two hours, the app also bestows Daily Bonus rewards for the whole week, ranging from 1,000 on Day 1 and up to 2,000 on Day 7. In addition to the bonus-coins awarded daily, a Bonus Streak feature increases your daily collection with random coin rewards in amounts even greater than the regular daily bonus.

How to play with Hit it Rich Free Casino Slots App

hit it rich free casino slots free

It is quite easy to have this app as this is all free for you. Just visit the Google play store and download this app on your Samsung Android or any Android phone 4.1 and up. If you have an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad you can have this phone from iTunes again all for free.

Once you have this app on your Android mobile you will at once get 75000 welcome coins to play with. There are in-app purchases too which you purchase from within the app itself. Thie range according to coins and bet packs like a Coin package can cost you AUD$1.9 and Ante up Pack can cost you $7.99.

No real money, but still real fun

Even as Zynga has backed away from offering real money gaming, its new acquisition – Casino Slots for Facebook – has been working on Hit It Rich! So of course, the result is online slots experience amazing enough that people would probably play it for real money.

Hit It Rich! Offers you the potential to play a variety of five-reel slots in one place, right away, with no unlocking required. The theme of this slot is a great combination of licensed slots like “Beetle Bailey” and “Blondie,” and generic games like “What’s Cookin’?” and “Splendor of Rome.” The only problem is making out exactly how many choices you have, as the game’s main lobby doesn’t serve up the entire selection in an organized manner.

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