What are the Top 10 Best Apps for the Samsung Galaxy

If you ask 10 users of mobile devices what the 10 best apps are, you will probably get 10 completely different lists. The reason that for some people choosing the best app is often a personal choice, and most people think a little differently.

With that observance in mind, here is another list of the top 10 Apps of the Samsung Galaxy 2016. There may be some that not everyone will agree on. The apps that contribute to this list provide things that are useful. They are the apps that make life a little easier, and a little more fun.

Let’s have a closer look:

1. Weather Channel

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Weather channel for Samsung

As the name of app implies it is weather app called Weather Channel with which you can come to know of current weather conditions, forecasts, radar, predictions, fun facts about meteorology, graphs, and a sun and moon tracker. The Weather Channel for Samsung will get a smart alarm clock that can wake you early when your commute could be slowed by the weather, an exclusive Edge Panel for those with Edge devices, fun backgrounds, and a new beta feature that syncs the weather up with your calendar.

2. AppLock

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AppLock App

AppLock is a free Android app that comes with a lot of options. You can pay for it to get premium features and for no advertising. This app allows you to lock your apps up tight with passwords so that no one can peek their eyes on them. It works well with kids or friends around or just for your own piece of mind.

3. Cloud Magic Email

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Cloud Magic App

CloudMagic Email is a free app with in app purchase. It is the best email client where you create a CloudMagic account and then sign into all of your email addresses. If your device gets lost or stolen or you buy a new device, you just have to log into CloudMagic and all of your email will follow you. It comes with a simple, but effective design and has a variety of features such as plugins for Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Asana and more.

4. Evernote

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Evernote App

Evernote app is also a free app with in app purchases to add some premium features. It works as a note taking application The best features of this app include the ability to sync to the cloud for easy access on your computer or other mobile devices. You can take a variety of notes, including lists, regular notes, video notes, audio notes, and combinations of all of them.

5. Google Drive Suite

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Google Drive

The Google Drive suite are a group of applications that are all directly integrated into Google Drive. The apps include Google DocsGoogle SlidesGoogle Sheets,Google Photos, and Google Keep along with the actual Google Drive app itself. These apps focus primarily on office use for documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows but also work for note taking, backing up your photos, and storing whatever file you can think of. This Google Drive suit app is all free but if you need more space like 15 GB storage on Google Drive you need to pay some cost for that.

6. Kodi

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Kodi App

Kodi is a free media center app and a popular, open-source media center that gives you complete access to your music, TV, and movie files along with your apps, pictures and support for third party plugins. It’s as full-screen app and it has a unique, simple design that’s easy to use.

7. Last Pass

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Last Pass App

LastPass password manager is a free app and is popular among Samsung Galaxy users. This app encrypts and stores your passwords for every app and website you subscribe to and keep them safe behind your master password. If you run out of thinking for new passwords this app also suggests passwords, also you can auto-fill your details into sites and apps, take notes, securely hide photos, and a lot more. If you wish to  sync between mobile and your computer then you need to pay a little for this app.

8. Work Out Trainer

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Work out trainer

You get three months of free Pro+ service in the Workout Trainer app for Samsung Galaxy users.  You get access to 100 multi-week training programs, weekly Pro-only workouts, Pro-only forums, and advanced heart rate analysis. At the end of the three months, it’s $7 a month or $60 a year, or you can drop down to the free tier, which still gives you access to thousands of workouts. If you need that bit of extra push, you can also pay for one-on-one personal training from one of the app’s many personal trainers.

9. Pocket

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Pocket App

Pocket app is free app for those who are busy at the web all the time. It works as wonder for them as it store links, web images, and more in your metaphorical named “pocket” for later viewing. This app puts mind at ease specially if one forgets the web page he/she visited last and wants to browse again in offline mode as it stores some data and content along the link  It works cross-platform so you can save it on your PC and read it on mobile and vice versa.

10. Waze

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Waze App

Waze is a free app and a  great option as a secondary GPS app to keep around. You can get directions when on move, also road alerts about accidents, or if you run out of gas then you can find the cheapest gas on your route, and even send ETAs to your friends based on how long it will take you to get to your destination. The entire thing is based on live feedback from other drivers in the community so most alerts and information is real time as its being reported. Waze really saves lives, money and time.

This list of the ten best apps may not be the same as the one that others will create. That is okay. If it helps you find apps that you think you will like, it has served its purpose. Click here to find the latest best 10 apps for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Share your experiences with us and let us know your best app and why.

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