6 Mobile Games on BlueStacks Android Emulator to Play on PC and Mac

PC emulators are no more alien now a day. Now you can play a wide range of games that your phone might not even be able to run. BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator, so here I have assembled a list of best 6 games to play on the BlueStacks Android emulator.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a popular Android PC and Mac emulator. It allows you to run Android games on your desktop, and also offers a wide range of additional features. These additional features include improved graphics performance, custom mappings for keyboards or Bluetooth controllers, and multi-instance capabilities to play on multiple accounts simultaneously.

  1. Azur Lane

Azur Lane
Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a gacha game that is much more than simple afk (away from keyboard) auto-battling. You need to collect a flotilla of six warships to take down enemy forces. Developed by Yostar, this game has been updated with new events and characters, and the gameplay is much more exciting than in its contemporaries. Due to its fabulous features, several players have stuck around more than two years after its official release. You must check this out if you’re looking for anime or gacha-style games.


  1. Epic Seven

Epic Seven
Epic Seven

Epic Seven is one of the best gacha RPGs out there and for many good reason. Its animation is unique due to hand-drawn making the side-scrolling combat appear great, and frequent updates and new events make the game more interesting. It has a large and active community of players, so you don’t have to worry about it is going to die down anytime soon.


  1. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd Game
Honkai Impact 3rd

It is an action RPG from Chinese programmer miHoYo. It is one of the best games available on BlueStacks due to its incredible full-3D graphics and frequent updates. Also, PvP aspects have been downplayed prominently, which is welcomed by the community. You can even co-op play this game if you want to hack and slash away at baddies with a friend.


  1. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land
The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

There are several games based on AMC’s hit zombie series, but No Man’s Land is the finest of all. It’s a great way to play through the series, but this game doesn’t run seamlessly on all mobile devices. That is why you should play this game on BlueStacks so that you can tear through zombies as your favorite characters without worrying about crashes or running out of battery.


  1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Being a most popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available on almost all mobile devices. With new characters introduced frequently, you will find many reasons to keep coming back to play this game and climb the rankings. The best part about this game to be played on BlueStacks is that you can play with your mouse and keyboard, giving you ample ease to play it with full zest.


  1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

While Tencent has their own PUBG Mobile PC emulator (Tencent Gaming Buddy), BlueStacks is yet another way to enjoy this most popular battle royale titles out there. You get to use the keyboard and mouse for easy navigation so that that game can run much more smoothly on your PC than your phone. It is a large game, better to avoid playing it on mobile as it may not have much storage space. BlueStacks is the great option as it even supports Ultra HD 2K resolution if your PC or Mac can handle it.



So, could you see how easy it is to play your favorite game using BlaueStacks on your PC and Mac? So what are you waiting for?

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