Video Game Producers To Keep an Eye On

As the number of gamers continues to explode, so are the amount of companies producing high quality video games. There are currently 2.3 billion gamers worldwide, which averages to roughly one third of the human population. Now that video games have surpassed every other entertainment industry, it has become an integral part of how people connect. Over 55% of gamers say multiplayer video games help them interact with their friends, and this statistic grows every year. On top of changing how games are created, this trend is influencing the direction of the industry.

Now that video games are becoming popular with new demographics, more companies are getting involved in the industry. This influx of developers is setting the stage for some epic releases, since the doors are open to innovation. As the traditional methods fade away, companies can take new approaches to developing games. This industry is changing every year, and the new generation of successful companies embodies this.

To understand where the video game industry is heading, examining the upcoming companies is essential. To showcase who the new pioneers are, we compiled a list of the top video game developers in 2019. These companies have already proven themselves with wildly successful releases, and they are poised to do it again. Discover which developers are stealing the show with this eye opening list!

Most Promising Video Game Producers

Video Game Companies
This developer has proven itself with some truly unique games.

Company #3: Krillbite Studio – Even though this Norwegian game developer was founded by students, they have managed to shake up the industry. What started as a bold start up in 2011 gradually evolved into a respected game development studio. Just three years after their debut, Krillbite Studio released The Plan and Among the Sleep. While both of them were lovable releases, Among the Sleep stole the show. This first-person exploration game takes players in the shoes of a toddler who’s escaping multiple villains. On top of captivating users, this game successfully made the transition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The overwhelming praise and awards Among the Sleep received set the bar high, and Krillbite Studio is poised to exceed expectations. They are currently working on a new adventure game called Mosaic. This release will be published by Raw Fury, and has the potential to further cement their legacy. For this reason, Krillbite Studio is easily one of the most promising video game studios in 2019.

Video Game Companies
This long awaited game is poised to steal the show this year.

Company #2: Cloud Imperium Games – This innovative company was founded in 2012 when three game developers teamed up. United by one vision, they ended up setting up an international corporation. Today Cloud Imperium operates out of five global offices and are working on two major games: Squadron 42 and Star Citizen.

Out of these titles, none are more anticipated than Star Citizen. This game has managed to generate over $250 million in crowd funding from over two million gamers. The delay of its debut has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, so this year will either make or break the company. Only time will tell whether this company will find redemption in 2019, so pay attention to what develops.

Video Game Companies
This studio is introducing users to a new wave of games.

Company #1: 11 bit studios – Ever since this Polish company made its debut in 2010, they have been making a profound impact on the industry. By introducing morally challenging games, 11 bit studios managed to bridge the gap between hardcore and casual gamers. Their releases force players to make choices in an ethical manner, which is a rare component in modern video games. These features were crucial in the success of their award-winning video games: Anomaly: Warzone Earth and This War of Mine. In 2018 they released the wildly popular Frostpunk, which is set to transition onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year. This impressive catalogue and promising upcoming releases makes them impossible for any gamer to ignore!

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