Tally Ho

A General Introduction

Tally Ho is an incredibly popular casino slot game which has had its exposure across the microgaming platform increased over the past few months. Tally Ho is a 5 reel, 20 bet line game which means that there is five different reels from which a win can be achieved. Based on WWII as its base theme, there is a maximum pay out of 10,000 coins per bet line. Players can acclimatize to playing Avalon before placing money in the game by selecting the free version.

Technical Details

Dissimilar to other casino slot games, Tally Ho does not have multiple play modes; there is one mode which a range of features available to players, for example the auto play feature.

  • Triggering the auto play function allows the game the effectively run itself for the number of spins the player dictates before the feature is enabled.
  • Gamers can also stop the reels from spinning immediately if they feel it advantageous by tapping on their Skill Stop or Stop buttons which will result in the reels coming to a halt.
  • There is both a free and paid mode, where gamers will receive monetary rewards for combinations.
  • Tally Ho also employs unique gamble, scatter and wild symbols.

Available Bonuses

Tally Ho has a random progressive jackpot which every player has a chance of winning at the end of their rounds depending on the amount they bet; the greater the bet, the greater chance the player has at winning the jackpot. Where three or more roundel buttons are found across any of the five different reels, a free spin bonus round will be awarded to the player, which grants them 25 free spins.

During the free spin bonus round any winnings are tripled. In the even three or more roundel buttons appear, the player is awarded a further 25 free spins.

Playing Tally Ho on a Mobile or Computer Device

Both new and experienced players enjoy playing Tally Ho, if you would like to get involved and play Tally Ho then please see and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open up the Tally Ho on your device or browser.
  2. Select your bet size, using the increase and decrease buttons appropriately.
  3. Select the number of coins that you want to play with, either by playing with one or the maximum amount.
  4. Hit the spin button which will start the reels spinning, if you’re lucky and you obtain a winning line, it will light up.
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