Meet the Best Selling Video Games Ever Created

Despite the rising cost of developing video games, sales continue to break records. In the last decade, the average cost of creating a video game has gone from a few million to over a hundred million dollars. Massive blockbusters such as the GTA releases have budgets that exceed a quarter million dollars. This extra budget allows an attention to detail that’s well worth it. As games become more complex, sales continue to soar. Between physical and digital sales, Aussies spent $3.23 billion on video games in 2017. Home consoles sales jumped by 36%, so Australia is fully onboard this revolution.

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These Video Games Survived Massive Development Times

Despite inadvertently throwing fans into a hysteria, many video games experience development processes that are outrageously drawn out. This conundrum is routinely experienced by everything from new releases to epic sequels. Thanks to ever-changing requirements, the development for video games becomes noticeably more complicated each year. From VR support to catering to multiple platforms, there’s no shortage of obligations new releases must meet.

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Discover Which Video Games Generated the Most Money

Even in an industry that’s thriving, some video games’ revenues manage to stand out. Every year, over 2.3 billion people from around the world indulge in video games. This fuels an enormous industry that manages to get bigger every year. Consumers spent $137.9 billion on games in 2017, and this figure is expected to reach $230 billion by 2020. These staggering statistics are only getting bigger, and increased mobile gaming is propelling the industry to new heights. Mobile gaming will be a $100 billion market in 2021, which means this industry will continue flourishing.

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Keep Young Kids Sharp With Educational Games

In the last few years, game developers have gone the extra mile for parents. The market for games aimed at educating children is exploding, since parents are demanding healthier forms of entertainment. Thanks to this resounding interest, developers are steadily becoming more educational. Instead of focusing purely on play time, they have found the balance between teaching and recreation. Now parents have plenty of options when picking educational games for their children.

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Entertain Yourself With These Free Android Games

Even though there’s no completely escaping in-app purchases, patient players can still enjoy plenty of quality Android games for free. In a world full of freemium traps for unsuspecting players, this news is refreshing. For too long, players have been unapologetically drained of their finances by freemium games. These programs were created by unscrupulous developers who realized they could make more money milking players than with outright payments. Instead of playing by the books, they have gradually robbed players blind. Fortunately, over the years this trick has generated a lot of negative public feedback.

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Meet the Video Games that Changed the Industry

Out of all the video games, a few managed to completely change the industry. Instead of conforming to their peers, they took a completely different approach to entertaining players. From wild designs to developmental breakthroughs, these games sparked their own personal revolutions. Once players got a taste of their innovation, the industry was never the same. Developers scrambled to incorporate the most attractive aspects of the games to create a hit of their own.

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Most of the software providers offer free games or play for fun and online casinos. These games are provided so that players can preview a title before actually making a real money wager. You cannot win any payouts with free casino pokies, but they do have several benefits.

Experienced players often use free play for practice or to develop new strategies. New players can use these to learn their way around the casino site and to see the offers of different games that are available.

Many free games pokies or casino apps are available at apps stores too to enjoy and socialize among friends.

Many online casinos will offer a no deposit bonus as a way to attract new players. The money used can generate real wins and if players want, they can then create a real money account and benefit from the winnings that were generated with the bonus.

Download vs. No Download Casino Games

Back in the days when there did not use to be downloadable applications such as YouTube for mobile or Clash of Clans; people stream these games in the internet café from risky websites that would pave a way for viruses to enter into their motherboards. Times were rough back then.

In the new era, there is not Adobe Flash Version that you need to download before downloading a game through the play store on your mobile.

Downloadable online casinos follow the same drill. These casino games are built-in Flash and the interface feels like it takes you back to the ’95. There might even be the chance of you encountering a Rogue casino in the process.

Accessing these games nowadays are universal. You can access them from pretty much any device. It includes Android, iPhone, PC, or Apple computer directly in your internet browser. These devices support any amount of games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and pokies.

Real Money Games

Real Money Games invite you to deposit with your real cash and stake on various pokies to win. To play for real money games, you must open an account and deposit made. Here you can benefit from any type of welcome bonus that is available. After you deposit the fund, you can select any of the hundreds of pokies available there.

All these free and real money pokies can be played instantly. In most online casinos, players will benefit from having three different platforms to access games. These include a software download, flash games and mobile pokies for tablet and mobile device users. With the many types of pokies, there are always great selections that will present a true to life gambling experience without going to a real land casino.

Pokies Games

Pokies are the most popular in any casino setting. You can play it without any experience at all. You do not require special skills to enjoy pokies. In online casinos, you’ll find a great three reel as well as the latest video pokies. There are also high paying progressive pokies that can offer life-altering payouts. The video pokies are the most popular online. As these offer features that can increase payouts, such as wilds, scatters and bonus rounds.

All you need is to choose from different coin denominations according to your budget and spin the reel.

With so many titles available and many being added regularly, these pokies are always a huge hit. Online pokies are the easiest to play in the casino and can be played for many bet amounts to suit the needs of low to high rollers. Pokies are available both for free and real play at online casinos. These can be played on your PC or Mobile or tablet with easy access.

Table Games

Table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Poker games like Pai Gow and other such pokies. There are multiple versions available, including multi-player, multi-hand and even progressive ones. Some of them are easy to learn like video poker and some require skill and strategies. Table games are available for free and real play at online casinos. You can enjoy it on your PC or Mobile or tablet visiting the casino on your web or mobile browser.

Blackjack – One of Today’s Most Popular Online Casino Games

Blackjack got its name from the combination of an Ace of spades and a “blackjack”. Lady luck is the core in everyone’s hand in this game and the rules are simple.

The total of a player’s card must be equal or close to 21 and must never exceed the value.

The dealer exposes two cards to each player at the beginning of each game including himself. One of the two remains hidden. After that, you can decide what to do with your hands. You can then draw as many cards as you want to from the deck to make their hand’s figure closest to 21. Lastly, the dealer draws cards from the deck managing the sum from 17 to 21. Now every player and the dealer’s hands are shown and compared as to who has the closest hand to the number 21.

There are several variants available to Blackjack. Although, the basic rule is to get the closest to the number 21 however some variants of the game give even more betting choices to the player. The in-depth knowledge of the game can give you an upper hand over the house edge. This is the reason why Blackjack is the best casino games online!

Roulette Is game of Luck

Due to the wide range of options to bet in this game; Roulette is one of the most famous casino games. You can bet on different numbers. These include a single number, odd or even numbers, red or black numbers high or low, and many other numbers. You can apply different strategies in this game. Still, this game is entirely based on luck. It is ideal for those who believe in lucky numbers and like to leave something on chance.

Due to the favoring house edge, Roulette is considered to be the fan-favorite of many players.

It has one of the thinnest house edges of all casino games. You can hardly have more straightforward rules. The game has a thrilling pace to play.

Roulette can be difficult for those who aren’t making a track of the odds. As they change after every other round. This becomes easy for those who do manage to keep a record of it. The probability calculation makes the game exciting if you can do it.

Baccarat – James Bond’s Favorite Game

Due to its association with the unjust high rollers; Baccarat discourages most players from learning the rules. It is one of the most famous and addictive online casino games. Newbie and experienced players bot play Baccarat. Due to its thin house edge, this game is one of the most amazing table games.

Sic Bo

A Chinese ‘Perfect Information’ dice game, Sic Bo is gaining popularity around the world. The game might feel a little complex for beginners. But it is quite simple once you get the hang of it.

When the dealer tosses the three dices you need to bet on the results. Each bet has a different payout, and even the betting options are different. Hence its similarity to Roulette makes the betting options analogous to the game. The dealer tosses three dices and you bet on the results. There are many different betting options whereas each bet has a different payout. Just like in Roulette, you can place as many bets as you like.

Betting strategies are highly essential in Sic Bo. It’s one of the highest paying casino board games with a payout of 180 to 1. Learning its betting strategies are a must in the game.

Similar to Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack, Sic Bo is also available in Live Casino and Online Video mode. Due to its origin and providence in Eastern Asia there are many female Asian looking dealers.

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games or live casinos are those that have table games played with a live human dealer. Games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, Mahjong, Keno, Wheel of Fortune, etc. come under this category. Remember these are not for free play and only available with real money play. Which means you have to make a real cash deposit to play these live dealer tables. Also, these poker and pokies might not be available at all online casinos. Note that many online casinos also do not offer these live streaming table pokies on your Mobile. You need to play only on a Laptop and PC with fast internet connection.

Sports betting

Most of the online casinos also offer sports betting. Here you place your wager on different sports matches. These include Cricket, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Horse racing and other sports. These sports also are not free to play but need real money to place various kinds of bets.


Craps is a real money dice game that you can play with your friends or even against a dealer. You’d have seen it in the James Bond movie Ocean’s 13 or even Diamonds are Forever.

Casino Craps is the official version of the game. The unofficial version is the one that you play with your friends known as the Street Craps.

If the Roulette game could give you the perfect information it would be just like Craps. To encourage strategy the game has such a rule in which roles are not predetermined as winning or losing bets. Craps allows you to become friends with your opponents so that you can choose to either play with or against your opponents.

Video Poker

This game was invented in the ‘70s during the revolution of the first computers that came around. Video Poker is an electronic version of five-card draw Poker, you play against an AI instead of a dealer.

A doppelganger of slot machines, Online Video Poker is similar to the slot. The only difference is that slots that can make you win more or less. Read thoroughly what variation of Video Poker machines is best to choose. For instance, Blackjack has a better RTP than that of Deuces Wild; which is 99.54% to 96.7% respectively.

Stock Options

These games run on the latest stock market. Players place their bets on stocks of their choice and win accordingly. These stocks also require real cash to play. Very few online casinos like Rich Casino offer these to enjoy online.

Other Games

Other games to play at online Casino are lottery-type pokies. This includes  Keno, bingo and Scratch cards. These lottos are fun-filled, cost less and the outcome is known at once. They also do not take much time to play and winnings are cashed there and then.

With so many varieties at online casinos, you can never go short of games  to play and win.