Burning Desire


Burning Desire is a slot game by Microgaming that is unlike most games. This is a 5 reel game that does not have pay lines. Instead there are 243 different ways of winning some loot. The theme is about love and the desire that goes along with it. There is a sum of 90,000 coins that can come rolling in on the reels.


Burning Desire can be played on a web browser that is up to date on either a mobile device or a computer.

  • Burning Desire can be played in the game modes of “Free” and “Real Money”
  • When playing in the free mode players will have a chance to see how the game works and once ready they can start playing for real money by changing modes
  • Auto play can be enjoyed no matter which mode players choose
  • Players can enjoy the game for free or purchase credits and play for real money
  • Some symbols found here are the wild, scatter, and multipliers


When playing the game, players will quickly learn that when the gold coin appears they have just discovered the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is going to trigger different multipliers to help the winning mount up. For example when three scatters appear winnings are multiplied by 2 and when there are five on the reels then winnings are multiplied by 100.

A gamble feature is also offered whenever a player wins on the reels. Just hit the gamble feature and dare to play a little game of guessing. If the guess is correct then winnings are doubled and the opportunity to wager all or nothing is offered once again.


Burning Desire is a love game that players of all experience will enjoy. If you are looking to see if you have the burning desire to win then follow these directions:

  1. Open up Burning Desire in your browser or on your mobile device
  2. Select how much you would like to wager by hitting the button of increasing or decreasing the bet size
  3. Decide how many coins you would like to play with, for just 25 cents the reels will spin or wager a whopping 250 dollars per spin
  4. Tab the button that says “Spin” and the reels are off! When the reels stop and a win has hit a line will show how you won.
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