Mermaid Millions

A General Introduction

Mermaid’s Millions is one of the more well-known and ‘older’ casino slot games which has only recently joined the swathes of microgaming providers. Nonetheless, the 5 reel, 15 pay line video slot game is still one of the favourites according to reports by providers – because there are 5 reels, there is 5 chances to achieve a winning combination. Mermaid’s Millions comes with well programmed and designed game mechanics which both experienced and new players of casino slots have classed as thoroughly enjoyable.

Technical Details

Gamers wishing to play Mermaid’s Millions can do so by accessing the game via a recently released browser on the computer, or an updated mobile browser for a handheld device.

  • There are two modes of gameplay in Mermaid’s Millions, which are “Regular” and “Expert”.
  • There are very few differences between the two, the main difference being the presence of advanced features in the “Expert” mode.
  • These advanced features include functions such as an auto play setting where gamers can set the game to play itself for a pre-defined number of spins.
  • Otherwise there are also wild, scatter and even treasure chest bonus features.

Available Bonuses

The treasure chest bonus round is triggered by three or more treasure chest symbols appearing on the reels. During this bonus round, players are presented with twelve different objects, the number of treasure chest symbols which trigger the bonus round dictate the amount of chests you can then open to reveal their random prizes.

Players can win up to 2500 coins from the treasure chest bonus round alone. The treasure chest bonus round can also be triggered by the presence of three or more scatter symbols across the five reels. Otherwise scatter symbols can greatly increase an individual’s pay out. Winnings from the scatter symbols are calculated by multiplying the mermaid symbol combination with the total number of coins bet.

Playing Mermaid’s Millions on a Mobile or Computer Device

Mermaid’s Millions is one of the more popular and aged games to join the Microgaming market, nonetheless it is still one of the most popular. If you would like to get involved and play Mermaid’s Millions, please see and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open up the Mermaid’s Millions on your device or browser.
  2. Select your bet size, using the increase and decrease buttons appropriately.
  3. Select the number of coins that you want to play with, either by playing with one or the maximum amount.
  4. Hit the spin button which will start the reels spinning, if you’re lucky and you obtain a winning line, it will light up.
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