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Mobile Payment apps

Samsung Pay Vs Google Pay Vs Apple Pay- Compare the different mobile payments

Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile payments at online casinos; Find which is the best payment app and the number of banks that support these apps in Australia.


Ease the Pain of Divorce With These Android Apps

Now that many mobile users are unwittingly approaching a breakup, many developers have created apps that deal with divorce. Even though divorces in Australia have been steadily declining since the 90’s, they are an inescapable faucet of the marriage system. Despite fairing noticeably better than other developed nations, about one third of marriages in Australia […]

Subsidiary Companies

Explore Which Subsidiary Companies Expanded Samsung’s Empire

Even though Samsung’s electronic department steals the show, the number of companies that the Korean tech giant owns is endless. Ever since the company was founded in 1969, they have rapidly expanded into a slew of diverse business ventures. Unbeknownst to most of their clients, Samsung Group has a stake in everything from cars to […]

Samsung Galaxy Phone apps

What are the top 10 best apps for the Samsung Galaxy?

Find the 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy smartphones the S8, S8 plus, S9 or S9 plus and previous models as well. Download the app all free from the link provided, the utility apps like Google Duo; Google Drive; Discord; Drupe, Go Launcher; Google Drive; VPN Cloud; Avast and more.

Marriage Apps

Spice Up Your Relationship With These Marriage Apps

In an age where apps mirror every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that these programs are addressing marriage. While the honey moon is always epic, keeping a marriage fresh over the years can be challenging. This plight hasn’t been ignored by developers, and a slew of apps revolve around spicing up long term […]

Explore the Best Android Games of 2018

Explore the Best Android Games of 2018

The best 12 outstanding games apps to enjoy on your Android mobile in 2018. Download at once from the link provided all free and start to play the games you love be it adventure, sports, poker, casinos, racing, trivia or any other genre of games you wish to enjoy on your Android phone.

Galaxy Releases

These Galaxy Releases Transformed Samsung’s Reputation

Even though Samsung has an illustrious Galaxy lineup, a few releases manage to stand out. By adding new features and design changes, these innovative smartphones changed the public’s perception of Android phones. From metal unibody frames to faster processors, key improvements helped captivate new clients. These breakthroughs helped the industry progress, since it opened doors […]

mySamsung App- Unique customer care App that helps you easily set up and manage your devices

mySamsung app is actually a customer care program that helps you easily set up and manage your devices. mySamsung is accessible from your mySamsung mobile or web app. With this app you can easily set up, manage and optimise your Samsung products. If you wish to know how to manage your Samsung mobile phones it […]


Hone Your Skills With the Best Android Apps for Musicians

No matter what instrument you play, there’s an Android app to perfect your musical talent. From tuners to beat makers, there’s no end to the options available to musicians. Ever since apps started invading every faucet of our lives, developers have been scrambling to keep up with the demand. This has led to a slew […]

Galaxy A6

Samsung is Back With the Galaxy A6 and A6+

For those who weren’t wildly impressed with the Galaxy S9, Samsung is offering an enticing alternative. The Galaxy A6 and A6+ just made their debuts in Latin America, and they will soon be available in major markets. Instead of offering an expensive flagship, the Korean tech giant is providing all the quality features in a […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 tips

Samsung Galaxy S8- The 14 tips to enable and disable features for better functioning of your device

Samsung Galaxy S8 wonderful features when enabled gives you better performance according to your usage. Fourteen tips that will help you to enable and disable some of the best features of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus.

Android App Developers

Meet the Most Influential Android App Developers

Over the last decade, the increase in Android apps has been fueled by a slew of app developers. Now that Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on the market, the doors have been opened for fresh competition. This increased public interest has put the international spotlight back on Android apps. With millions of users looking for […]

Dog Owners

Treat Your Pet by Using the Best Android Apps for Dog Owners

Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that there are a slew of apps that cater to them. Every year, millions of people take on the responsibility of being a dog owner. While it’s a beautiful process, not everyone is prepared to make this transition. It’s impossible for everyone to be the dog […]

Samsung Gear Icon X ear buds

What is Samsung Gear IconX- Know about the Samsung’s smarter earbuds

Samsung Gear IconX how to install and use the ear buds with your Samsung Galaxy smartphones and where to buy them online in Australia

Note 9

Find Out Which Galaxy Note 9 Rumors Are Credible

Now that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are available in stores, customers are starting to wonder about the Note 9. The Galaxy S9 failed to impress many Samsung customers, which is why more people are putting their faith in the next flagship. Just a few months before its release, the internet is already awash with […]

Samsung Gear VR Games Apps to download

The best eight Samsung Gear VR game apps to enjoy this month

New Samsung Gear VR game apps can be downloaded from Google app store or from the Oculus store and can be payed even with your Facebook friends

Drawing Apps

Improve Your Art With These Android Drawing Apps

Drawing is yet another skill that has been revolutionized by Android apps. While most artists were left on their own to learn in the past, now there’s more guidance now than ever. Instead of paying to go to art school or receive lessons from private tutors, aspiring artists can use their phones. By harnessing the […]

Camera Phones

Examine 18 Years of Progress in Samsung’s Camera Phones

During the last 18 years, cameras on Samsung phones have undergone a dramatic transformation. Ever since they have been added, cameras have been the main selling point for most phones. This peaked public interest, and the rush to improve these features revolutionized the smartphone industry. As developers raced to outdo each other, smartphone cameras evolved […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

Three best cases you should try to care and protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the new smartphone from Samsung which is considered the best Android mobile with large screen. If you have this expensive phone or wish to get one in near future you need also to look for a protective cover or case to keep your Samsung safe and crack free. So here […]

Drinking Apps

Discover Which Android Drinking Apps Are Worth Using

Even though going out is normally spontaneous, a few Android apps can help users take their nights to new heights. When searching for ideas, every night more mobile users are turning to apps. This trend has given birth to countless programs that address everything from food to socializing. While most people will automatically gravitate towards […]

Samsung Health App

Samsung health app that tracks your daily activity and shows you how fit you are

If you are looking for the best Samsung fitness app for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone then Samsung health is one such app that provides you with such features that keep track of your body to make you fit and healthy. It will record and analyze your daily activities and habits to help maintain successful diet […]

Galaxy S9

Why The Galaxy S9 Picks Up Where the S8 Left Off

When it comes to new smartphones in 2018, all eyes are on the Galaxy S9. Just like with previous years, Samsung is leading the way with an epic release. The S9 is the first flagship phone of the year, and it’s setting the standard for what other phones should include. While it isn’t wildly different […]

Play Store

Explore the Biggest Play Store Blunders of 2017

Even though it’s filled with innovative apps and games, the Play Store is far from perfect. There are so many developers involved in updating and adding new apps that this is far from surprising. Due to the massive amount of workers engaged in keeping the content relevant, mistakes are routine. From introducing outrageous new policies […]

Samsung Gear Sport

Fitness and the music lovers gear up with the Samsung Gear Sport and Gear IconX headphones

The Samsung Gear Sport watch and Gear Icon X headphone were released last year by Samsung Australia. Fitness and the music lovers gear up for this newest devices and the combination proves wonderful as most of the sports lovers really love music to be streaming  through headphones to keep up the sporty mood.  Also both […]


Educate Your Kids With These 3 Android Apps

Every year, more children are using apps with their smartphones. This is a blessing and a curse, since it marks the end of humanity being disconnected from technology. On one hand, kids are now connected to any information they could dream of. Unfortunately, without the proper guidance this can turn into massive distractions. While some […]

Samsung GDDR6 Chip

Samsung now to produce Next-Gen 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM chips for Graphics Cards

New Samsung Next-Gen 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM chips now to be produced by Samsung to give you better speed to play Samsung pokies

ISE 2018

5 Samsung Products That Took ISE 2018 By Storm

Out of all the companies who participated in ISE 2018, Samsung stole the show. Integrated Systems Europe is the largest AV systems integration show in the world, so this was quite the accomplishment. For four days, ISE took over the RAI in Amsterdam with a slew of innovative releases. All the biggest tech companies in […]

DexStation for Samsung Galaxy S9

New ‘DeX Pad’ For Galaxy S9 from Samsung- The great desktop accessory to be launched soon

Dex Pad soon coming for Samsung latest flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 +

New Year's Resolutions

Maintain New Year’s Resolutions With These Android Apps

Even though most of us are already struggling to honor our New Year’s resolutions, plenty of apps can help. As January wraps up, many people are already breaking their resolutions. While promising to quit smoking or get in shape is easy to do, they are extremely hard to commit to. This is due to the […]

Galaxy S9 rumors

Galaxy S9 Rumors That Are Most Likely to be True

Out of all the smartphone releases of 2018, all eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy S9. The internet is already awash in rumors, even though the phone has yet to be unveiled. While many user’s interests are peaked about this new release, it’s hard to know what to expect. Not all rumors are credible, which […]

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