Ladies Nite

A General Introduction

Ladies Nite is a casino pokies game which has become incredibly popular over the last few years due to a range of bonuses available and its unique game mechanics. It is a 5 reel, 9 bet line casino slot, which means that there is up to five chances to attain a winning combination when playing. Both graphics and sound sets are of top quality creating a party atmosphere with players of all genders and ages. Players can acclimatize to playing Ladies Nite before placing money in the game by selecting the free version.

Technical Details

The Ladies Nite game can be played across all recent internet browsers on a computer device and updated versions of their mobile internet browsers for gamers who enjoy playing on-the-go.

  • There are two different gaming modes in Ladies Nite, “Expert” and “Regular”, the primary difference being the access to advanced features whilst in the expert mode which are absent in the regular mode.
  • Advanced features include an auto play function which sets the game up to play itself for a defined duration as set by the gamer.
  • There are wild multiplier, scatter and gamble features prevalent throughout Ladies Nite with the option to play for money immediately or play for free.

Available Bonuses

Ladies Nite sports a range of bonuses for players, one such example is the use of wild multiplier symbols, which if present can double the pay out of a winning combination, but only if it acts as a substitute. The scatter symbols for example will, if there are three or more present, trigger the free spin bonus round (which equates to 15 free spins) where all winning combinations achieved are tripled in value.

Equally, the gamble feature offers gamers the chance to either double or quadruple their win; if they guess the colour of a card correctly, their win is doubled, whereas correctly guessing the suit of the card which lead to their win being quadrupled.

Playing Ladies Nite on a Mobile or Computer Device

Ladies Nite is a well-developed and enjoyable game with a diverse range of sometimes unusual but enthralling game mechanics. If you would like to get involved and play Ladies Nite, please see and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open up the Ladies Nite on your device or browser.
  2. Select your bet size, using the increase and decrease buttons appropriately.
  3. Select the number of coins that you want to play with, either by playing with one or the maximum amount.
  4. Hit the spin button which will start the reels spinning, if you’re lucky and you obtain a winning line, it will light up.
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