Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus Lineup may be 5G Ready

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus lineup may be 5G Ready

One of the hidden code in an upcoming Galaxy S9 Plus update indicates that Samsung might have planned to introduce a 5G variant of the Galaxy 10 next year, as per the reports of XDA-Developers. This supports the previous rumors that Samsung would include the next-generation technology in one variant of its flagship handset.

Four Major Variants of S10

Four Major Variants of S10

It is noteworthy that there are four main versions of the upcoming phone that might the next release from Samsung.  The code terms it as “beyond 0” (which probably would be an entry-level model), “beyond 1” (the standard S10), “beyond 2” (maybe the S10 Plus), and “beyond 2 5G” where “beyond” is the speculated codename for the Galaxy S10 lineup. Similar rumor at the beginning of 2018 was floated that revealed that some of the manufacturer’s Galaxy lineup for this year.

5G S10 on the Way

5G S10 on the Way

XDA also reported that the codenames also has “q” variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon chips opposite to Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. It appears that there will be both a Qualcomm and an Exynos version of the 5G S10 on the way, although it’s most likely to be the Qualcomm model that might be introduced in the US market.

S10 Expected to Release by Mid-2019

S10 Expected to Release by Mid 2019

Samsung’s release schedule probably will be at the same time when the state 5G will be released which is expected by mid-2019 when the S10 is expected to be released. Although almost every major operators plan to launch 5G services in some form by the end of 2019, there is not likely to offer exhaustive coverage, thus the real usage of the 5G handset is likely to be low.

This was rumored that Samsung is planning to introduce 5G versions of the S10 in restricted quantities, according to The Bell.

It has already been declared by Samsung that it doesn’t expect the S10 to be its first 5G handset, and this latest news indicates that as another handset might beat it as the technology won’t be ready in time for its next flagship brand.

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