10 wonderful things Bixby can do to help you in your daily work when using Samsung Galaxy S9 phones

10 wonderful things you can do with Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus you will find Bixby hovering near you whenever you work on these smartphones. Bixby is no other than Samsung’s own virtual assistant that has made a lot of progress since its arrival with Galaxy S8 phones.. With the arrival of the Galaxy S9, Bixby has more features that can be taken full advantage of. So before calling Bixby know what all it can do for you as even with the S9’s promised improvements, Bixby’s abilities and vocabulary remain limited, if you compare it against the more full-featured Google Assistant but it can help you lot when you use it in your daily life.

Still if do not know as how to call Bixby then simple is to press its dedicated button on the left of the handset and tell it what you’re interested in. If you want use the service’s improved integration with the S9’s camera, start at the Camera app, and then tap the Bixby Vision icon that looks like an eye. Once it’s open, you’ll find eight Bixby Vision modes, ranging from food to makeup, along the bottom, under the camera’s preview screen.

How to set up Bixby?

How to set up Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9

As said above you can also summon Bixby with a push of the dedicated button on the side of the Galaxy S9. But before you can do anything, you need to register your Galaxy phone with the artificial-intelligence platform. This way, Bixby can learn from your activities, improve its cognition and, hopefully, even start to anticipate your desires.

Your first step with a new phone is to tell Bixby your preferred language. The service speaks only three: English, Korean and Mandarin. After a little training to ensure that Bixby recognizes your voice, you’re set. The assistant responds well to canned questions like, “Hey, Bixby, show me my who called me,” and “Bixby, set an alarm for 5:30.”

You need to stick to Bixby’s thousands of established commands. These are increasing steadily, but you need to stay on script.

Give commands

When you get Bixby up and running, it’s time to see what Samsung’s assistant can do. Because it’s built specifically for Samsung devices, Bixby can handle commands that let you control your phone, without making you endlessly tap at the screen. You can ask Bixby to add events to your calendar, launch the camera, turn on an alarm, show notifications or interact with a variety of Samsung’s built-in apps. There’s even voice functionality with third-party apps like Instagram, Twitter and assorted Google offerings.

10 wonderful things Bixby can do to help you in Samsung Galaxy S9 phones

Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9

1. You can also use Bixby as a search tool. The service works well for any news that you are searching or any other search of your choice. Bixby included some visual features last year. For instance, you could point your Galaxy S8’s camera at a book, and the Bixby Vision feature would bring up the price of the book in near real time. Bixby Vision is taking a big step forward in the Galaxy S9, as Samsung has increased the number of ways the assistant’s AI engine can work with the phone’s camera.

2. The other key addition is the ability to translate street signs, menus and other things in 53 languages. All you do is open the Camera app and press the on-screen Bixby Vision logo that looks like a stylized eye. Aim the lens at what you want Bixby to translate, and you’re off. You will find that the  Bixby Vision works well with a Chinese restaurant’s menu to help you translate the menu for you or any simple French words you want to know their meaning English.

3. Bixby uses full use of camera and scans QR codes.  Start by swiping through Bixby Vision’s modes all the way to the right, until you get to the one that looks like a QR code. When the QR code is centered and the right size, Bixby interprets it and sends you to a website.

4. In addition to delivering warranty information and manuals, Bixby handles a tough QR task that stymies other QR readers like the validation code on HP toner.

5. What’s more Bixby can help you even imbibe the best wine. Just swipe to the Bixby Vision wineglass icon, and center the bottle’s label in the screen’s rectangle. A rating of the wine’s vintage shows up, and you can tap to get more details, such as what foods it pairs with.

Bixby in Samsung Galaxy phones

6. Also Bixby has a shopping mode and helps you in shopping as it is designated by a supermarket-basket icon though yet it’s hit-or-miss when it comes to correctly identifying what you’re looking for.

7. You can check out your makeup too. The Bixby Makeup mode is probably the best-executed of Bixby’s effects and can actually help people decide what makeup products to get.Bixby can preview a slew of makeup products, from eyeliner to lipstick, on a live selfie. Just pick the effect from the list below the image, and the actual products used will be at the top. If it’s not a pretty picture, tap the circular arrow to start with a fresh face.

Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9

8. You can turn images into text. All you need is to line up the item on the camera’s preview, press the Bixby Vision Text mode that has a circular logo underneath with the “T,” and Bixby is off rendering it as editable text. The feature works better on printed material than on handwritten notes, as you might expect, but it’s still impressive.

9. For the fitness freaks Bixby can count your calories. If you move the Bixby Vision mode to the steaming-bowl logo, Samsung’s assistant can identify food for you and give you a calorie count.

10. Bixby has one other skill that could come in handy once it becomes a bit smarter and will identify your objects as well. You can snap a photo of something and Bixby’s cloud intelligence tries to match it with other known objects. Thoughat this stage, you don’t always get the right result with object recognition. Bixby’s object recognition is supposed to automatically improve over time as more people use it, though there’s no way to correct Bixby right now.

Now try playing with Bixby yourself and find how it treats you and helps you in your way of things.

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