Why Samsung Galaxy is better than iPhone

Choosing the perfect smartphone can be a difficult process. The first thing to consider is the cell phone carrier that is being used. That may impact the types of phones that you can choose from. The amount you want to spend will be another factor and the way that you use the phone will also need to be considered.

When all is said and done, the choice of what kind of smartphone will usually boil down to two options: The Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone. The latest versions of these phones are the Galaxy S 4 and the iPhone 5. The argument about which is better will often cause some big arguments. The people that have used the previous versions of these phones are loyal to them. They believe they are the best simply because they like them.

Instead of using emotions to decide which phone is better, you should look at the facts. When you see the facts, you will learn why the Samsun Galaxy is better than the iPhone.

  • Forget the past – Smartphones are always improving. It is not worth comparing the older versions of these two phone. Look at what the latest versions have to offer. As you look at the features of the latest Samsung Galaxy, you will see how they are much further advanced than the ones that are offered by the iPhone.
  • Speed – Samsung Galaxy uses a quad core processor. The iPhone uses a dual core processor. The Samsung Galaxy is faster thanks to a better and stronger processor. Tests have shown it to be more than twice as fast as the iPhone.
  • Bigger – Most people will agree, bigger is better. The Samsung Galaxy’s screen is 5 inches compared to 4 inches for the iPhone 5. That means the screen will show more apps on the page and it will be easier to view content on the Galaxy.
  • Display – The super android screen of the Samsung Galaxy provides a better picture than the iPhone. Images are sharper and it is perfect for all types of uses.
  • Camera – As more people turn to their phones as their primary camera, the quality of the cameras has improved. The Galaxy camera is a 13 megapixel camera. The iPhone is an 8 megapixel camera. The galaxy also offers many features that allow you to easily edit your pictures. When you combine that with the Galaxy’s ability to sync to other Galaxy phones and to easily share pictures on the phone.
  • The Galaxy does more – The android operating system is more versatile than the Apple operating system. The phone can be used to control remotely other Samsung devices and the phone is able to be customized much more than the iPhone.
  • Google now – Many people with an iPhone talk to Siri and think that is the best personal assistant they have ever had. The Samsung Galaxy uses Google Now and that offers a more intuitive personal assistant that learns the user’s needs and wants.
  • Memory – 2GB of ram to 1GB of Ram. Expandable memory up to 64 GB of storage. The Galaxy is better.
  • Removable battery – The battery is the lifeline of the smartphone. With the Galaxy it can be removed and replaced without having to replace the phone. People can carry a spare battery to use their phone even longer.

That is a list of 9 reasons the Samsung Galaxy is better than the iPhone. It should be enough to convince most people which smartphone to get, but if they want they can research it a little more. They will be able to find plenty of other ways the Samsung Galaxy is able to exceed the iPhone and will discover which the better phone is.

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