Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone?

Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone
Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone

Choosing the perfect smartphone can be a difficult process. The first thing to consider is the cell phone carrier that is being used. That may impact the types of phones that you can choose from. The amount you want to spend will be another factor and the way that you use the phone will also need to be considered. Let’s find out here Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone?

When all is said and done, the choice of what kind of smartphone will usually boil down to two options: The Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone. The latest versions of these phones are the Galaxy S 4 and the iPhone 5. The argument about which is better will often cause some big arguments. The people that have used the previous versions of these phones are loyal to them. They believe they are the best simply because they like them.

Instead of using emotions to decide which phone is better, you should look at the facts. When you see the facts, you will learn why the Samsun Galaxy is better than the iPhone.

Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone

1. Versatile Cameras

Versatile Cameras
Versatile Cameras

Every year, the best smartphone cameras come from Apple and Samsung. However, Galaxy smartphones have more versatile cameras. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera turned out to be quite more versatile than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a better telephoto camera and wider cameras. And the Galaxy S22 Ultra has only widened that difference. This is why Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone.

Galaxy phones also have a full-fledged Pro mode and Director’s View for professionals. New phones even have a dedicated first-party app for better control over the cameras. You can use features like AR Zone and Single Take for extra fun.

When it comes to the price, Galaxy phones have relatively more versatile cameras. For example, the Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A73 offer a lot more camera features than the similarly priced iPhone SE 2022. If you want fun and engaging cameras on your phone, you better opt for a Galaxy phone over an iPhone.

2. Better multitasking

Better multitasking
Better multitasking

When it comes to downloading files or third-party app data in the background it is a horrible experience on iPhones. For instance, the Spotify app stops downloading music files for offline listening a few seconds after minimizing the app or switching to a different app.

Using multiple apps simultaneously is not possible on an iPhone. At most, you can watch a video in picture-in-picture mode while using another app, and that’s about it. You can use two apps side by side on Galaxy phones and have a third app in the floating window. This is why Why Samsung Galaxy is Better than iPhone.

3. Deeper customization options

Deeper customization options
Deeper customization options

One UI is the great Android skin. It has a sophisticated design and can offer plenty of customization options. You can change the themes, wallpaper, call screen, home screen and app drawer layouts, fonts, and even icon packs (via Good Lock).

When it comes to the iPhone, it will only let you change the wallpaper. Yes, changing app icons is possible on iPhones, but it’s a very lengthy process, and it involves using the Shortcuts app. You can’t even customize lock screen app shortcuts. A Galaxy phone would serve you better if you like customizing your phone.

3. Better Typing Experience

Better Typing Experience
Better Typing Experience

Usually, the keyboard on the iPhone used to be faster and more responsive. However, the situation has reversed, and Galaxy phones have more keyboard and layout options, faster response times, better word predictions and suggestions, and the option to add a dedicated numbers row. With One UI 4.1, Samsung has even added language suggestions through Grammarly integration.

The iPhone’s keyboard is quite slow and fails at predicting words. You would often face typing errors while typing on an iPhone. No idea, if it’s just the keyboard layout and design or the algorithms. Although the iPhone also offers the option to use third-party keyboards, the experience is just not as good as you would find on a Galaxy device.

Since using a smartphone involves a lot of typing, Galaxy phones usually offer a better experience.

4. Price & Affordability

Price & Affordability
Price & Affordability

If you are looking to buy a brand-new iPhone or Android phone, you would like to have the best bet.

Who wants to pay more for an iPhone which has fewer features and is less powerful than a flagship Android phone?

So, for the hardware that comes inside Android phones, Android phones offer much better value for the money than iPhones. If iPhones came with the same hardware as flagship Android phones, Apple would most likely charge almost double compared to what Android companies such as Samsung and Google charge.

With the iPhone 12, Apple won’t include headphones in the box anymore. You can’t throw in a pair of headphones when someone buys an $1100 phone? Do they want you to spend another $150 on AirPods? That’s ridiculous.

So, apart from your $1100 new iPhone, add an additional $150 for AirPods, plus $300 for your AppleCare warranty and you just spent $1550 for a phone and headphones.

5. Better Innovation

Better Innovation
Better Innovation

Android phones manufactured by many different companies have always been on top of innovation.

There are new innovative features added almost every time a major company releases a new Android phone. From in-screen fingerprint sensors to foldable phones, mobile devices that run Android always seem to have a leg up on the competition.

6. Expandable Memory

Expandable Memory
Expandable Memory

Most Android phones offer expandable memory. That means you can pop open an additional slot on the side of your phone and put in a micro SD card which then becomes added memory to your phone.

When it comes to Apple, they have never offered expandable memory for the iPhone. Instead, they would rather you pay them an unwarranted amount of money to upgrade your iPhone from the base 64GB capacity to one with 256GB or 512GB of internal storage.

Right now, to upgrade from the base 64GB on an iPhone to 256GB storage, Apple charges $150. To upgrade from a 256GB iPhone to 512GB, you will be charged $200. So, to go from 64GB to 512GB, it’s a cost difference of $350.

When you go for Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB of internal memory and added another 64 GB micro SD card in it. Now your phone has 192 GB of capacity, and how much did that cost you? $19 for the SD card. So, Android wins.

7. Serviceability


The serviceability of Android phones has been better as they are simpler and less expensive than iPhones for a long time now.

Some Android phones still today have a removable battery that you yourself can take out and replace or service as per your wish.

After you use any phone for some time; the lithium-ion battery inside of it will start to lose its original capacity.

It’s not a matter of if the battery life will start to get shorter, it’s a matter of when. That’s exactly how lithium-ion batteries work. Once they go through enough charge cycles, they are only able to hold a certain percentage of their original capacity.

So, if you used an iPhone for a year or two and the iPhone battery starts going bad. That is, the iPhone battery doesn’t last as long every day as it used to and you need to charge it more often.

You will have to visit the Apple store or an Apple-certified store that can service it by replacing the battery or you’ll just have to live with it.

If your Android phone has a removable battery, you can just go on Amazon and buy a generic battery for whatever type of phone you have and pop it in. Your phone’s battery is like new again! It’s that simple.

8. Universal Chargers

Universal Chargers
Universal Chargers

All have USB chargers. They are the standard charger for countless devices out there including Android phones. Almost all Android phones use either micro USB or USB-C chargers.

What about Apple phones? Well, they decided to make their own chargers called lightning cables. Not only are these different and only usable for Apple devices, but they tend to be extremely low quality.

Why would Apple do this, you ask? Because it makes them more money. If Apple switched all of its iPhones to use USB-C chargers, they would lose money.

This is because you can buy USB-C chargers for much cheaper on Amazon than what a lightning cable costs on Apple’s website.

Apart from this, when your Apple charger goes bad, you have to fork over even more of your hard-earned money to buy a new one.

Who in the world should have to pay over $300 to replace extra chargers over the lifetime of their Apple products? Coming from a company that preaches night and day about the quality of its products. Apple easily has some of the worst quality accessories and chargers I’ve ever used.

9. Physical Back Button

Physical Back Button
Physical Back Button

Almost every Android phone has a dedicated physical back button. Or, nowadays, an in-screen dedicated back button.

This has always been a huge advantage of Android phones over iPhones. Once you get used to a dedicated back button, it’s hard to go back.

Many times, you don’t want to go all the way back to the home screen and rather only go one page back.

iPhone users might argue that they can just “swipe back” or hit the soft “back button” in the upper-left corner if they want to go back, but that’s not the easiest option at all.

With larger phone screens, reaching up in the upper-left every single time to hit a back button is neither simple nor intuitive.

With Android phones, the back button sits at the very bottom of the screen where your fingers are already resting.

Also, Androids are very customizable. So, do you want the back button on the left side, center, or right side of the screen? That’s the beauty of Android phones.


In a nutshell, both Android phones and iPhones have their advantages and disadvantages. But the Android advantages way overpower the benefit that you get with an iPhone.

If you like the abundance of phone choices, customization, better hardware, and expandable memory just to name a few, go with an Android phone.

If you enjoy a simple, more user-friendly interface for someone who may not be as technical and doesn’t like having a bunch of customization options, opt for an iPhone.

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