7 Tips to Speed up your Samsung Galaxy Phone


It does not matter what kind of computer device a person is using. The one thing that aggravates the users of these devices the most is when they are running slow. It seems that when you first start using the Samsung Galaxy, the phone is lightning fast. It does not matter if you are using eh Wi-Fi capability of the phone or if it is using cellular data service. The phone can do everything quickly.

Over time the phone will get cluttered with data and information. It will seem like it is not as fast as it used to be. There are plenty of reasons that the phone will slow down. It could be because of all of the stuff that has been added to the device. It could be due to the speed of the network that is being used. It could be that the person just imagines that the phone is no longer as fast as it used to be. No matter what the reason is, a person should know some tricks to speed the phone up. Here is a list of 7 easy things to do that will speed up the Samsung Galaxy Phone.

  1. Turn off your phone – Simply powering your phone off and restarting it may speed it back up.
  2. Restrict the background processes – When the phone is turned on, many things are going on in the background that are not seen by the user, many of these can be manually turned off without affecting how the phone works. Without all of the background processes the phone will run faster.
  3. Get rid of battery saver mode – this mode is reached through the settings. It may make the phone last longer on a single charge but it will also slow it down. Turn it off and plug in more often or buy another battery.
  4. Switch to the ART runtime mode – The default mode is the DALVIK runtime system. The ART runtime mode can speed the phone up by doing some of the processing for actions before they are even made.
  5. Turn off the animations – The phone is designed to show transition animations as the user moves around the menus. By turning these off, the look of the phones operations may be a little different, but it will still function the way that is needed and it will be faster.
  6. Change the interface – It is not possible to completely change this without hacking the phone, but it can be tweaked by changing things such as the font that is used. This may help the phone run faster.
  7. Clear some memory – It is always a good idea to make sure that you do not have unnecessary apps or other things that are using up the memory of the phone. Going through and removing outdated, obsolete or unnecessary apps ad information can speed up the phone.

These are the basic steps that anyone can do to speed up the phone. It is important to remember that even if you take these steps, the phone will still eventually slow down again. Make sure that you perform this regular maintenance on your phone to keep it running the best it can.

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