What is the Game Hub in Samsung Galaxy?

Do you enjoy playing games on your Samsung Galaxy? Then, you should definitely try out the Game Hub or the Game launcher! Game launcher is an exciting way to access and play your favorite, latest games right on your Samsung Galaxy. It provides you with access to a huge amount of HD-quality games made especially to be played on Android. This way, you have the opportunity to enjoy your Samsung Galaxy device at maximum, using it as your device to play your favorite games on.

Game Launcher by Samsung

Game Launcher

Earlier known as Game hub which was powered by Mobage, had an innovative social gaming service for Android which gave you the opportunity to compete or cooperate in games with more than 25 million gamers around the Globe.

Now Samsung has its own Game Launcher app to play games of your choice or see your gaming history, find installed games, and send friends your verified gaming stats. You also can check out the official leaderboards to see how you compare with other users.

As soon as your game download finishes, it goes directly to Game Launcher so you can start straight away. Just like an awesome game organizer, everything is kept together for you to flick through and make a choice, with no delay.

Game Launcher is packed with trending games, the ranking of games, and popular YouTube videos, with exclusive offers for Galaxy Store users. There’s no need to switch between different apps for trustworthy updates as you play the games.

Also find out what friends are playing, when they are playing, and join in to talk with just a click or tap directly in the Game Launcher! The exclusive Discord overlay easily shows who is talking without ever having to switch apps.

How to get started with Samsung Game Launcher?

Game launcher features

Game Launcher is the ultimate control center for games. All your games are here in one convenient place with new downloaded games added automatically. Before you start playing, you can mute and hide alerts and adjust game settings to save power or further improve your gaming experience. Before you begin to get started see that you have the latest operating system and the device is on its current update.

You can activate Game Launcher via the initial notification. The notification will be shown the first time a game is installed on the device or when games are added to a new folder.

You can also navigate to and open Settings, tap Advanced features, and then tap Game Launcher. Tap the switch to turn it on.

  • To get started all you need is to pick your Samsung Galaxy device (Android 9.0 Pie)
  • Now go your Settings > Advanced Features
  • Then Toggle on/off to enable or disable Game Launcher
  • Head into the Game Launcher app iconGame Launcher app
  • Then tap on Hide games move all of your Game into Game Launcher and remove them from your home and apps screen.

If you are using Android OS 10.0 (Q)

  • Go to your Settings > Advanced Features
  • Toggle on/off to enable or disable Game Launcher
  • Go to the Game Launcher app iconGame Launcher app
  • Finally, Tap on Hide games move all of your Game into Game Launcher and remove them from your home and apps screen

When you record videos or take screenshots, the files are added to a folder in the Gallery app under the game’s name. You can navigate directly to recorded videos via a pop-up that is shown when the recording is finished.

Remember that the record option in the Game Booster bar is only available on phones with Android 9 or lower. If your phone has Android 10, you can record games using the Screen recorder option in Quick settings.

Using Game Tools When Playing Games

Samsung Game Tool

Game Tools is a function built into the Operating System of Samsung Phones and Tablets running Android OS 7 and higher. It’s designed to let you record and share screenshots of your most epic game-play. You can even post videos and photos to your social feeds or social accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

Game Tools will appear in the navigation bar to allow you to quickly access the following functions:

  • Record: Save a video of your gameplay
  • Screenshot: Take a photo of your gameplay
  • Navigation button lock: Keep the navigation buttons turned off during gameplay so you don’t accidentally exit out
  • Calls and notifications: Options to minimise caller notifications, or turn off most notifications while you’re playing
  • Block during game: Stop the Bixby/Home buttons from working and turn off Auto Brightness while you’re in a game

To launch game tool in Android 10.0 you need to launch the Game Launcher app from the Google Play Store.

  • Choose a Game to start playing
  • If you have set your Navigation bar to Full Gestures you will need swipe down on your screen to access your Notification Paneland select Tap to open Game Launcher.If your Navigation baris set to Navigation buttons then you will be able to swipe up on the screen and select the Game Toolsicon.
  • Select from a range of Gaming options in the Game Booster menu.
  • The Pop-up Panel allows you to select up to 4 different apps to easily access whilst gaming. If you would like to customise your Pop-up Panel tap on three horizontal dots and add/ remove your preferred apps.
  • In the discord menu you can share your Gameplay status with all your Discord friends

Games Hub App For Android

Games Hub

There is also a Games Hub App at Google Play store to enjoy fantastic games With game hub, you can buy your favorite games, as well as you can try them before buying. Game hub also offers you the possibility to play social games, so that you have the chance to play amazing games with your friends. Do you wish to have an even more interesting and exciting experience? Then, you can use the AllShare wirelessly to connect your device to the HD TV and this way, you will be able to enjoy your games on the big screen of your TV, while you play them on your mobile device. How does that sound for you?

Easy to access your games

With game hub, you will have the most interesting and latest games right at your fingertips. Game hub is easy to access and it provides you with instant access to the best Android games that you can enjoy. This acts mainly as a filter, in order to offer you the best choices in matter of games. Using this game hub, all that huge amount of Android games is filtered, so that only the best and most interesting games get to you.

The Samsung account

If you register for a Samsung account, you will have plenty of benefits from the Game launcher app, as well as play games at Samrt Hub right on your Samsung Galaxy device. Smart Hub is the intelligent menu system for Samsung Smart TVs. Through the Smart hub you have access to all the functions of your TV and can even download apps, games and browse the internet. Online or offline, Smart Hub broadens the capabilities of your TV, while also making it easier to use.

The best experience ever

Game hub or Games Launcher from Samsung provides you with the best experience on your Samsung Galaxy. It will grant you access to some of the latest games and the best part about it is that it filters the games, so that only the best ones get to you.

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