No Volume Button or Headphone Jack on the Galaxy Note 10

Along with the scorching heat and winds this summer, the news for the upcoming release of the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note device is right around the corner, which will be typically announced around August. But as compelling as it may sound, it only gets relative from here because you might not expect whatever you expect this time. You guessed it! They are officially removing the headphone jack for the phablet line.

Two Versions of Galaxy

Two Versions of Galaxy Note 10

The rumors are that probably Samsung is going to release two different versions of the device. One regular and one smaller version and there isn’t going to be any headphone jack or any physical buttons for power and volume. There however are touch-sensitive textures on the device that come handy in the power and volume regulation. Like the fingerprint sensor on the phone to power up the device just like in the Galaxy S10e.

A Bold Move

A Bold Move 1

Personally, I think that it is a bold move for the owners to pull off something like killing the headphone jack which is the complete opposite of their policy because of some of their competitors in the industry. On top of that, if they are planning to add the stylus, it would eliminate the chance for more volume for the battery because it would require a pretty big slot for adding something like that.


But as they say and we believe that rumors are just rumors so it might not be late to be prepared for such earth-shaking changes because with Samsung it’s always something evolving to happen.

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