What Are The Evergreen Android Apps To Install?

What Are The Evergreen Android Apps To Install

Android apps are hundreds in numbers to download and install from Google Play Store. Whether you are a new Android user or have hands on experience some Android apps are a must download for any type of Android smartphone. These Android apps are productive, useful, as well as solve entertainment purpose for many. Following are the evergreen apps which are quite popular among Android smartphone users.

1. Amazon Kindle

If you love reading stories and books then here is Amazon Kindle app which is Amazon’s e-reading app. Kindle is still the top e-reading app on the platform as it offers huge collection of Amazon e-books.

2. Sketchbook

For all drawings and paintings this Android apps is great. You will love to use it and have a wonderful time using its features and drawing tools. There are large number of brushes pens, pencils and designs to color and use them the way you want.

3. Zoom

Zoom app rose to popularity in COVID pandemic as it helped people have cloud meetings, video conferencing and to chat. The app is free and supports up to 100 participants in its free tier meetings, There are also paid plans, and these range from $16 a month to $20 depending on how many participants are allowed while also extending the time limit allowed for these streams. Easy to set up Zoom is best for businesses, families and friends.

Zoom App
Zoom App

4. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung users are happy to have their own browser app known as Samsung internet browser. Though many  Android users use Chrome browser, but perhaps the Chrome browser doesn’t quite do it for you. Samsung has created a worthwhile browser that stays out of your way, based on the Chromium for a familiar feel, but without all the Google junk Chrome is endlessly packed with. Samsung Internet browser is  clean browser that loads content fast, making for an excellent backup browser with no strings attached.

5. Tor Browser

Tor Browser Android apps  is a privacy tool, that blocks trackers and fingerprinting while also offering encryption when you use the internet. It’s also a handy tool to get around any sites your ISP or country block, much like a VPN. Best of all, it’s open-source, which means it’s completely free to use and always will be.

6. Duolingo

Among Android apps Duolingo is quite fund and educative. You can learn a new language without stepping out of your house.  Duolingo as a standout app covers 35+ languages through easily-digestible bite-sized lessons. Essentially, the company gamified learning new languages, and unsurprisingly this method helps to keep users motivated. You can even track your own progress to ensure you are hitting your goals. There is an optional subscription that’s $6.99 a month, and the first 14-days with full access are free.

Duolingo app
Duolingo app

7. Twitch

This Android app is best for live streaming of games and pokies. If you play video pokies games, then this  game streaming platform, now owned by Amazon, will showcase best stream gaming videos. You can watch for free as the service is ad-supported, and if you like a streamer, you can subscribe to their channel for $4.99 while earning a few perks. Two more subscription tiers are also available for $9.99 and $24.99.

8. Netflix

Most popular around the world Netflix Android app is the best video streaming services. At Netflix you can watch movies or TV shows and many other genres of content. The basic plan starts at $8.88, Standard is $13.99, and Premium is $17.99. If you want to watch 4K content, then the Premium plan is what you’re looking for. All in all, Netflix is available just about everywhere, and since many TVs are now Android TVs, there’s a good chance you’ll be using the Android app.

9. PayPal

Samsung users already are using Samsung Pay app on their Android phones. But Paypal is evergreen app to do online transactions and even fund your online casino account.  PayPal offers biometrics for easy sign-ins, alerts any time money leaves or goes, and you can even perform transfers straight from your device. Also with Paypal the conveniences and protection that the app brings to the table are certainly worth the effort of connecting a bank account.

Netflix app
Netflix app

10. Door Dash

Door Dash is the one Android app that was popular during pandemic and still is the best for ordering food online. Uber Eats is also a top option alongwith many others but Door dash is best one. Finding the restaurants is a breeze, and the tracking is reliable and you can know when your order will arrive. Even the fees and deals tend to be better on DoorDash over many of its competitors.

11. Uber

Uber map Android app is favorite among many. More drivers are driving for this service than the rest, which means you’ll catch rides faster. Though  extra fees seem to be continually growing, and there’s even a subscription for those that use the app frequently, but that doesn’t change how useful the app and this service are. The app itself is pretty intuitive, though the design seems to change all the time still it is the best one to use in a city.

12. Shazam

Shazam is a music recognition and discovery Android apps that’s been available on Android going on 13 years. Though Google and other phone manufacturers offer similar apps and functionality, but Shazam is standalone and offers a bunch of extra features for easy discovery once you’ve defined a tune.

Shazam app
Shazam app

13. Spotify

For all your music and podcasts Spotify is the answer. Spotify gives you access to tons of music as well as weekly customized playlists. For a person who rarely feels subscriptions are worth it, Spotify continues to be worth every penny every month.

14. Bitwarden

Google offers a built-in manager with Chrome, but if you’re looking for an extra bit of security, Bitwarden password manager is one of the best choices available. An unlimited number of passwords are supported, plus these passwords are protected with plenty of encryption, including AES-256 bit, salted hashtags, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 keys. There’s also a built-in password generator, so you won’t have to think up your own passwords. Bitwarden is also a cross-platform service, which means you’re covered on other operating systems. If you want to subscribe to the premium tier, it’s only $10 a year.

15. Google Drive

There are many cloud storage solutions out there, Google’s cloud storage option has some of the best integration with the OS and its apps. All  Android apps offer Drive support if it also offers support for other cloud storage services. Plus, with the Drive app installed, you won’t even have to rely on other apps with built-in connections to Drive. All around, Drive is one of the most convenient cloud storage services out there for Android users.

Bitwarden app
Bitwarden app

16. SwiftKey

On Android mobile you can use third-party tools to replace some of your core components, such as your software keyboard. So if you’re not a fan of Gboard, or would like to simply test an option  then Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard may be what you’re looking for. SwiftKey is a full-featured software keyboard, now owned by Microsoft, bringing to the table excellent swipe-based input. Like many software keyboard apps, this release learns from your typing, so ideally, its predictions get better the more you use it.

17. Sync for reddit (Pro)

Sync for reddit is one of the Reditt Apps and  it’s been around for years, with active development the entire time. It’s easily themeable, suits phones and tablets alike, and you can even browse Reddit when its servers are having issues, which seems to be pretty often in the last few years. Like all Reddit apps, issues can pop up, but at least the dev is responsive, so you know these issues won’t stick around for too long. Sync for reddit is already ten years old, but it’s still popular because it’s reliable.

18. VLC and MX Player

 VLC and MX Player are Android apps for video players. When one doesn’t work well with your video format, the other will so if you happen to sideload a lot of your video files and are looking for a robust and trustworthy video player, then VLC will easily do in seconds, especially if you other media player has failed to play your current file.

Sync for reddit pro
Sync for reddit pro

Besides these evergreen Android apps there are few others to name.

  • Today Weather
  • You tube
  • Google Maps
  • Trail Sense
  • Twilio Authy
  • Telegram
  • SeriesGuide
  • OpenTable
  • Zillow: Houses & Apartments
  • FL Studio Mobile
  • Poweramp Music Player
  • Simple Gallery Pro: Photos
  • Snapseed
  • Solid Explorer File Manager
  • Tasker

Simply head to Google Play store and find these apps to download or install. Finally it depends on your utility and purpose as which Android apps you want to install!

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