Samsung CRG9- The Best Gaming Monitor that you can have

Samsung- Best Gaming Monitor

The new Samsung’s CRG9 49″ Ultrawide QLED Gaming Monitor Features 5120×1440 Resolution, HDR, FreeSync 2 and more.

Playing pokies or any other game on a big screen is just wonderful experience. Be it pokies to spin the reels, roll the dice on a craps table, play poker cards, or immerse in any action war game, playing on a big monitor  bringing out the most intricate of gaming details and is  powerful enough to keep up with fast-paced gaming action giving you fantastic graphics and sound.

Best Gaming Monitor

Recently in CES2019 the new Samsung’s 49 inch CRG9 won the best of innovation award in the Computer Peripherals Product Category and Honoree in the Gaming Product Category. This new monitor is the world’s first high-resolution, super ultra-wide gaming monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio packs in an array of cutting-edge technologies that foster more fun and immersive gaming experiences taking  gaming to the next level.

Features of Samsung CRG9 49

Samsung- Best Gaming Monitor features

The CRG9’s 32:9 aspect ratio creates a wider field of view that allows you to see more content in superfine detail. Featuring an 1800R (1,800mm) screen curvature, the monitor’s panel wraps around your field of view, completely immersing you in your game.  With 5120 x 1440 Dual QHD display it’s equivalent in size to two 27-inch QHD monitors placed side by side and offers a more focused and flexible multitasking experience, without the distracting bezel that divides dual-monitor setups.

Also HDR10 support allows the CRG9 to offer deeper black levels, outstanding local dimming and advanced specular highlights with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits. The addition of Samsung’s QLED technology allows the CRG9 to offer exceptional color reproduction, expressing 95 percent1 of the DCI-P3 color space. This means that colors are purer, brighter and more realistic. The monitor’s new AMD Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR technology reduces stuttering, screen tearing and input latency, and features Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) for seamlessly smooth gameplay.

Samsung- Best Gaming Monitor features

The CRG9’s rapid 120Hz (Hertz) refresh rate and 4ms (millisecond) response time minimize image lag and motion blur, enabling the monitor to effortlessly keep up with fast-paced games. In addition, the user-friendly 60Hz settings allow you to quickly and easily optimize performance via the onscreen display, without accessing the display settings menu.

Enjoy multiple game modes

Samsung- Best Gaming Monitor Multiple game modes

The best feature in Samsung’s CRG9 Monitor is the multiple game modes that allow you to optimize settings like contrast ratio, definition and color based on the type of game you’re playing. You can switch to low input lag mode for even faster response times, and target your enemies more accurately with Virtual Aim Point onscreen crosshairs.

The CRG9’s PBP (Picture-by-Picture) functionality allows you to simultaneously view two video sources on the same screen, without compromising image quality. This means you can also watch a visually engrossing film while playing a favorite game at the same time. The CRG9 features one HDMI port and two display ports, as well as USB 3.0 and headphone connections.

Samsung- Best Gaming Monitor Eye saver mode

If you are worrying for the eye stress while concentrating on your game then no worries as it has the monitor’s Eye Saver mode and Flicker Free technology that minimize blue light emissions and screen flickering, allowing you to play longer and more comfortably, and with less strain on your eyes.

What’s more that you can also get height-adjustable stand swivels and tilts with ease, allowing you to position the screen for maximum comfort, and has been designed to occupy less space on your desk. The panel’s VESA Standard mount also offers the option of mounting the monitor on VESA-compatible arms. (with inputs from Samsung press release)

Cost and Availability

Samsung- Best Gaming Monitor cost

At the time of writing this post there was no pricing or release date but if we look at the original CHG90 monitor from 2017 is anything to go by, the new CRG9 could cost north of $1,000. If you want to have a gaming super ultra-wide monitor then this will make a nice PC to play games smoothly, especially if you want to set your games’ graphics options to higher settings. The CRG9’s 5120 x 1440 resolution isn’t too far off a 4K monitor’s 3840 x 2160 resolution, and you need high-end and expensive hardware to play games smoothly at 4K. To make the most of this monitor, your PC will need hefty hardware like Intel’s Core i7 range of processors and Nvidia’s GTX 1080Ti or RTX 2080 or higher.

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