How Does Samsung Game Booster Work?

Samsung Game Booster

Game boosters are apps that run behind the scene when you play the game on your smartphone. The main task of game booster is to make your game play better by monitoring how the game is running on your device and uses this data, monitors the temperature and memory to automatically adjust your settings of the phone so that you run the game all smooth.

 According to Samsung, Game Booster can also help you keep all of your focus on the game you’re playing. While you’re gaming you can disable Bixby and the Edge panel and even hide notifications to ensure that you get that high score.

Samsung Game Booster
Image Source: Samsung. Game booster monitors battery time, temperature and memory while you play the game.

Game Booster is therefore a background service that monitors and tunes your hardware when you play mobile games to prevent overheating and maintain consistent performance for your Samsung mobile device.

You can download the Samsung Game Booster App from Galaxy Store

Download the Samsung Game Booster plus app from Galaxy Store

How to activate Game Booster on your Samsung mobile?

Steps to activate Samsung Game Booster

  • Once you have downloaded the Samsung game booster app on your mobile you are ready to activate it
  • When playing a game whether you play in portrait mode or in landscape mode, tap on the game booster icon on the gaming screen.
  • Click to start
How to activate game booster
  • Samsung Game Booster will activate and you will be returned to your game

The Pop Up Panel

  • The pop-up panel provides quick access for up to four apps. This helps you to easily check your messages or watch a video on how to defeat that annoying boss. You can customize your pop-up panel to include any app installed on your device.
  • Your pop-up panel will appear at the top of the screen once you activate the Game Booster.
  • To customize the apps that appear, tap the more options icon
  • Tap the remove icon to remove an app from the pop-up panel
Game booster pop up panel
Game booster pop up panel
  • Tap the app you want to add to the pop-up panel
  • If you don’t wish to get notifications while you play the game then follow the steps below:
  • Once game booster is activated Tap Block during game
  • Tap the notifications or features that you want to block while playing
  • To check the performance of your device Game Booster while optimize the battery, memory and temperature of your device so that you play the game without hassle. Once you’ve played a game for a short while, Game Booster will learn the games requirements and your usage to provide the best possible experience. 
  • Click on the game booster icon and you will find temperature, memory and battery of your device will be displayed.
  • After playing a game for a little while, Game Booster will learn your usage patterns and automatically optimise your device to give you the best gaming experience. Tap the performance monitor section if you don’t want your device optimized.
  • Tap the auto control switch to prevent your device from automatically optimizing your device.

Some other shortcuts you can use with game booster

  • Tap Navigation button lock to lock the navigation bar
  • Click or tap Screen touch lock to prevent touch inputs
  • Tap on Screenshot to take a screenshot of the game

How to customize Samsung Game Booster?

You can take Game Booster’s customization even further by adjusting additional settings. Also you can change which shortcuts appear at the bottom of Game Booster to give you a better experience.

Just open a game, and then swipe up to open Game Booster. Tap the Settings icon in the right corner. 

In Game Booster settings, you can change these individual options:

Game booster settings
Game booster settings
  • Block during game: Adjust what kind of alerts or features you want to block during gameplay, so you’ll never get distracted.
  • Touch protection timeout: Choose the duration for locking the screen. On some devices, this feature is called Auto screen lock.
  • Touch protection power saving: Save power by reducing the frame rate for games while Touch protection is on.
  • Shortcut bar and Shortcuts: Tap Shortcuts and then set shortcuts for faster access. When you swipe up on the screen during a game, the shortcut will appear in the Navigation bar on the right side. You can choose one of the following options: Touch protection, Navigation button lock, Screenshot, Record, Pop-up panel, and None. You can also tap the switch next to Shortcut bar to turn this on instead.
  • Floating shortcut: Set your preference for the floating shortcut.
  • Screen resolution: Adjust the resolution to 25%, 50%, or 100%.
  • Screenshot format: Select JPEG or HEIF as your preferred format.
  • Game optimization: Choose Performance, Standard, or Battery saver as your preferred power saving mode.
  • About Game Booster: View the latest software version of Game Booster and update the feature if needed.
  • Contact us: Get in touch with the Samsung Support team for any of your questions or concerns.

How to block Game booster?

Game Launcher is a proprietary Samsung app that can centralize all of their mobile games into a launcher. It offers instant gaming through the Instant Plays section and other mini-games associated with achievements.

To block game booster all you do is go to settings, scroll down to Advanced features, then scroll down to Game Launcher (near the bottom) and tap the slider to turn it off.

How to use Game Plugins with Game Booster?

Game Plug-ins can be added to Game Booster to help maximize your games. Each plug-in offers different settings and features, whether you need to keep track of your device’s performance or want to set a timer for your gameplay.

Navigate to and start your desired gaming app. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and then tap the Game Booster icon in the bottom left corner.

Note: Swipe from the right side if you are using Landscape mode.

Tap the Game Plug-in icon to the left of Settings; it looks like a small puzzle piece. Doing so will download the Game Plug-in app onto your phone.

Game booster - game plugins
Game Booster Monitoring usage patterns

Tap AGREE, and then review the available plug-ins. You can choose from the following plug-ins:

Game Booster Plus: You can customize your game’s performance based on your battery level and receive performance statistics.

Aim Assist: A special UI will help you during shooting games.

Daily Limits: Allows you to keep track of how long you’ve been playing a game.

Game Clock: Sets an estimated wait time for games and then reminds you to continue playing.

Gif Creator: Lets you create GIF images to share with friends while you’re playing.

Perf Z: Sends you information about your device’s status, such as temperature and CPU usage.

Priority mode: Adjust additional settings for Priority mode for the best gaming performance and experience.

  • Other than Game Booster Plus, each plug-in needs to be installed separately. To download one, tap the Install icon next to your desired plug-in. After it has installed, tap the switch next to it to turn it on. 
  • Next, tap the plug-in you just downloaded. A short tutorial will play explaining how to use the plug-in. Some plug-ins have extra settings that you can customize from this page.
  • When you’re all set, navigate to your desired game. The installed plug-ins will now run while you’re playing!
  • Note: Some plug-ins may not be compatible with all gaming apps.
  • If your ever need to adjust the plug-ins’ settings, simply tap the Game Plug-ins icon from the Game Booster menu or open the app from the Apps screen. Alternatively, you can go to Game Launcher, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap Game Plug-ins.
  • In case there is any issue using game booster you can contact Samsung support.

According to Samsung, if you’re experiencing unusual behavior on Samsung mobiles, tablets or wearables, you can send Samsung an error report or ask them a question in the Samsung Members app. Note that your data is anonymized and only held for the duration of the investigation.

You can contact by live chat call 1300 362 603 , 1300 425 299 (GALAXY) in Australia.

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