What are the Top 10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung Galaxy Phone apps

Samsung Galaxy phones are the high resolution mobiles with awesome features. Last year Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus were the top phones and now in 2018 Samsung has launched S9 and S9 plus with almost same features but with few minor changes.  In these Samsung has brought tremendous changes with two smartphones specially their display screens, and bezel-less front. Also, these two are first to have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity feature. This new feature works better in all aspects compare to previous version of Samsung Galaxy S7.

With wonderful features, powerful hardware and specs to explore in Samsung latest Galaxy devices you will find that by default it has best of apps loaded on the phone but there are many other useful applications that you can find it to have them on the Samsung Galaxy mobile to make it more productive and entertaining. Here are the top 10 best apps for the Samsung Galaxy that you can have from Google Play Store.

  1. Google Duo
  2. Wynk Music
  3. Go Launcher
  4. Drupe
  5. Google Drive
  6. Dashlane
  7. Avast
  8. Discord
  9. SendAnywhere
  10. VPN Cloud

1. Google Duo

Google Duo app

Much talked about this app is a must for Samsung Galaxy be it S8 or S8 Plus. Though, the video calling is not a new concept these days, but quality still varies from app to app, network-to-network, location-to-location. The Google Duo promises to provide highest quality video call facility with the lowest bandwidth usage.

The application has a very simple use, and understand user interface. With its preview feature, ”Knock-Knock’, you can see real-time preview of the caller. Also you also opt to take audio calls only when you don’t wish to take video calls. Since, it works well on cross-platforms, it doesn’t matter you, or your friend is using Android or iOS powered phone. Download this app from Google Play

2. Wynk Music

Wynk Music app

With over 3 million songs this app is the complete music hub for Samsung Galaxy users. You’re your favorite music from various International artists across the world or you can look for any song of your favorite artist, and you can also search of songs depending on your mood using this app. You can download songs or can also play any song even on low internet connection. Download this app now.

3. Go Launcher

Go Launcher app

If you wish to customize your user interface then the Go Launcher seems best app as it lets you give a personal touch to an Android smartphones and consumes lesser amount of power resource. It helps to improve performance, and keeps battery last for a long time. Go Launcher comes with additional features that help to manage the device appropriately and keep it clean. Unlike all other launcher, there are more than 10000 themes available to get started, and customize the device in best manner. Download this app now.

4. Contacts Phone Dialer: Drupe

Drupe app

Drupe app is helpful as you can place a call from anywhere on your phone like you can place a call while using any other application with just a swipe. Drupe brings your every recent correspondence like your call, text, WhatsApp messages etc in a single place. Also you can organize your Phone book and record your calls, you can either set every call to be recorded or can choose to record a certain call while on call. With this app, you can revert via call, text, or whatsapp or can block that number as well. You can also track and block any unknown number. Also with this app you can answer for your call, text, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, all in one place. Download this app now from Google play

5. Google Drive

Google Drive app

The Google Drive suit is one of the most widely used Cloud storage mediums. You can save all your important files, images, videos to your Google Drive account and can download it from here later on your device when required. You can also backup your texts, whatsapp messages, Emails on daily, weekly or monthly basis, automatically. One of the main advantage of storing and backing up your data on your Google Drive account is that you can access it from anywhere by logging into your account. Only this app can increase your business productivity very much, and make proper use of these smartphones. This also facilitates you in sharing your files with others and allows a level of access to your files and allows you to you view your stored files even in offline mode. Download this app from play store now.

6. Dashlane

Dashlane app

Dashlane is a very useful app that assists you with managing and protecting your passwords on your Samsung Galaxy phones. With Dashlane, you just need to remember your login details of your Dashlane account, as you will then have access to all your other passwords with just a simple selection of whichever account’s password you require.

It also helps you with generating unique passwords for your various accounts, and securely saving all your passwords where only you have access to it. It also facilitates with backing up your passwords on your cloud storage account, It also secures your mobile wallet to save your credit/debit card details and syncs instantly with all your accounts that will keep all your passwords updated. Download this app now.

7. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security app

As there are lots of sensitive information stored on your Galaxy phones, like, debit/credit card details, contacts, personal chats, photos etc and to save such sensitive data and information, you can have Avast Mobile Security app.

Avast Mobile Security is a light weight and highly intuitive application that helps in securing your phone from malicious websites. It has faster threat detection feature and it scans every unknown page you open on your browser to keep you safe from any unwanted threat. It also enables uninterrupted game-play by postponing every notification until you are ready to receive them. Avast also helps you recover your password, for that, you just need to set up a master password, and it does the all work for you. Download this useful app now.

8. Discord

Discord app

Discord app  on your Samsung Galaxy is a must if you are pokie games or live casino player. Discord is an online free chatting application for gamers that allows its users to chat with their partner and other online gamers while playing games and plan strategies to destroy your enemies. Tthe amazing thing is that this will voice chat and its encrypted server ensure your safety by keeping your IP address safe. This also allows you to share images, videos, or links from your phone or desktop. Download this app now.

9. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere app

SendAnywhere is a useful app to share files no matter what size it is. It offers Point-to-Point secure file transfer that has been designed for simple, faster, and unlimited file transfer between computers, and mobiles. For using this application, you don’t have to be online at that time as well. For initiating file transfer you just need to confirm 4-digit(from phone) and 6-digit(from computer).

You just need to go to SendAnywhere.com, and choose file you want to transfer, and it search for nearby devices, and now you can use your phone, open sendanywhere’s application, and enter the QR code that will show on webpage of your computer. Download this app now from play store.

10. VPN Cloud

VPN CLoud App

If you cannot open blocked websites or a you tube video then have this useful app on Samsung Galaxy phone. VPN Cloud is completely free to download, and  will help you to change proxy on Samsung Galaxy mobile easily. The application interface is simple that one can get started from very first-start. Just open the application, and hit the Connect button and there you go. Download this app now.

Besides these 10 best apps for the Samsung Galaxy phones there are many others too to download form Google play. These apps are useful ones and all free to download to give it a try today.

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