Video Pokies With No Bonus to Play

Video pokies with no bonus to play

Bonus games surely add more wins to your pokies play. Also bonus games are an awesome features in any pokies to play at an online casino. But not all pokies machines offer bonus games. Well, this depends on the gaming software company how they wish to develop a pokies game. These days the new pokies developers are keen to offer bonus games and bonus features in their games to attract the punters. But gaming companies that are in the industry for long such as Microgaming or NetEnt have a number of pokies that come with basic features and no bonus games to play.

What to look for in pokies with no bonus to play?

What a hoot- No Bonus pokie

When selecting such pokies to play however what you should be looking  out for are those that have high long term expected payout percentages, for due to the lack of any type of bonus games and/or bonus features you will want to ensure a large chunk of your stake money is return to you over the long term when playing those basic playing pokies. With all the above in mind below you are going to find the best pokies that you should consider playing, when you want a fun yet basic pokies playing experience, either online or on a mobile device instead.

Popular pokies with No Bonus to play

There are many pokies with no bonus games to play and you can find them easily at any Australian friendly online casino of your choice.

One such popular pokie with no bonus games to play is Carnival pokies from Microgaming.

Carnaval pokies from Microgaming

Themed on the famous Brazil carnivals the pokies offers bright and bold colours with a big party atmosphere and musical themes and you’ll be along the right lines. With 5 reels and 9 pay lines, paired with a number of entertaining bonus features, this is not just all about the bright graphics and bold design though. There is a very fun pokies game behind those graphics, which will provide hours of enjoyment.

From its bold colour scheme of bright purples, golds, blues and pinks, to its colourful symbols and party themes which are found on both the game board and reels, it’s an explosion of excitement. The colours keep the fun flowing from spin to spin for a really enjoyable game.

Whilst Carnaval is not the most involved pokies game, being more of a simple game which would be the perfect introduction to the world of pokies games for beginners, it is still very fun to play and would give hours of enjoyment.

Reel PayLines

This 5-reel, 9 win line slot game allows for a maximum of 9 coins to be staked per game, and with coins able to be valued from 0.25 to 5 this is ideal for both a low stakes player looking to bet just a smaller amount (just 0.25) or for the more high rollers out there who want to play big to win big (45 per game).

The wild logo, as you might expect, acts as the wild symbol and it can replace any other symbol in the game, other than the Scatter. This gives an increased chance of creating that winning line for a big win.

The Scatter symbol gives you the chance to multiply your winnings by various sized multipliers. Hitting 2 scatter symbols will multiply it by 2x, hitting 3 scatter symbols will multiply it by 10x, hitting 4 scatter symbols will multiply it by 25x and by hitting 5 scatter symbols you’ll multiply it by a massive 50x. This is a great opportunity to really increase your winnings.

Winnings in pokies

The ultimate aim of Carnaval is to collect as many of the Carnaval logos as possible across your winning line, with 5 of these winning the jackpot of 5,000 coins. Four Carnaval logos wins you 800 coins.

The 3rd highest jackpot is won by getting 5 carnival women (who are wearing fabulous headdresses) and this wins you 600 coins.

So lots of chances to win big with this game, even if there are not the additional features and bonus round you may find elsewhere.

As mentioned above, Carnaval is rather simple – which is both good and bad. If you’re a new pokies game player looking to find a more simple game to get used to how things work, or if you’re looking for a less involved game with less additional bonus rounds and features, then this is no doubt a game which should be at the top of your list with the RTP of that pokies has been set at a much higher than the average figure, that being 96.94%.

Another of the many pokies games from Microgaming that will be worth tracking down and play, when you want a laid back and relaxing type of pokies playing experience is their Crazy Chameleons pokies.

Crazy Chamelons pokies

Crazy Chameleons may be crazy and wild, but as a game it proves to be surprisingly well organised. This is awesome, because a neat presentation is paramount to the experience for the player. You won’t have to stress out because you are looking all over the screen just to find your total balance, or a separate screen for your bet options. All you have to look at is the bottom of the screen and everything you need will be located right there. The bottom left of the screen holds the total balance of your game and to the right you can find select payline options, bet max, and spin.

The whole game revolves around the beach, as there is cool sunshine seagulls, swim trunks, and surfboards featuring throughout its visuals. To the right and left of the reels are numbers that are the paylines.

Reels and PayLines

This casino pokies is a five-reel slot with five paylines. When you win, you will enjoy some really rad riffs that help you celebrate your big victory. Also, there is a highlight that shows you the winning payline on screen, which makes the game just that much more effortless to understand. On top of that, each line is a different colour in Crazy Chameleons, which means that general confusion is reduced to nothing more than a non-factor in this game.

There is another feature in this game worth mentioning, that being the wild symbol. The wild symbol in Crazy Chameleons is the big wave. This symbol will substitute itself in order to complete your highest winning payline, with this symbol also working right to left as well.

Here coins can be thought of as a bet multiplier. So if you place a $10 bet and have three coins, overall you are betting $30. You are also betting per line. These are little details to be aware of so you can make your bet as advantageous as possible when you play this game.

You may get the urge to get on a surfboard and hit the waves after you play this game, as Crazy Chameleons has that charm to make you want to get your surf on to say the very least. It is a fun casino pokies with the waves coming in and out of the shoreline to make your gameplay as relaxing as possible.

It will be low stake pokies to play if you do decide to keep the stake levels down low, and thanks to its long term expect pay-out percentage being 96.07% it is a very fair paying basic video pokies machine too.

Another popular pokies to mention is  What a Hoot pokies game, which has been designed as another 9 pay-line pokies, however the pay-lines are optional so you can play any number of them off per spin from one to all nine of them. 96.94% is the pay-out percentage of the What a Hoot pokies game and as for just how much you could win form any one single spin you play off, well its jackpot has been set at a high amount, that being some 5000 coins,, and there are both scatter symbols and wild symbols on its reels too.

Thus you see video pokies with No Bonus to play come in two different versions of the 5 Reel Drive pokies machine and the latest pokies in that series is one of which free spins and four progressive jackpots can be awarded and won by players.

However, the original 5 Reel Drive pokies is a very basic video pokies game and one that some players will always want to play too. Some 10,000 coins can be won when playing that pokies as that is the value of the jackpot paid out when players get five of the wild symbols on any activated pay-line.

There are however only nine pay-lines on offer on that pokies and for reference, its long term expected RTP has been set at 96.95%, which as any experienced pokies player will tell you is a very impressive payout percentage.

You can easily find Video Pokies with no bonus to play at any Australian online casino to play for fun or with real money in real AUD to win cash prize.

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