Treat Your Pet by Using the Best Android Apps for Dog Owners

Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that there are a slew of apps that cater to them. Every year, millions of people take on the responsibility of being a dog owner. While it’s a beautiful process, not everyone is prepared to make this transition. It’s impossible for everyone to be the dog whisperer, but this art is far from unattainable to learn. Thanks to the public’s resounding interest, dog training apps have become too valuable for developers to ignore. There’s plenty of money to be made making dog apps, so developers from around the world have hopped on the bandwagon.

Today there are plenty of Android apps that explain the nuances about dog training that most people miss. Unfortunately, there are so many choices that many quality options get overlooked. To shed some light on which apps deserve to be downloaded, we compiled this list. It encompasses three apps that are indispensable for dog owners. From training to nutrition, discover how to be the best owner your can be!

Top Android Apps for Dog Owners

Dog Owners
Monitor your dog’s fitness.

App #3: Whistle – Thanks to this innovative app, losing your pet is a thing of the past. By harnessing the power of GPS technology, dog owners can breathe easy when letting their furry friend explore outside. Whistle provides a sleek tracker that doubles as a dog collar. Once installed on the canine’s neck, it connects seamlessly with the app. On top of providing notifications of the dog’s location, this setup also gives the owner valuable insights. From activity logs to interactive overviews, Whistle takes the mystery out of your dog’s fitness routine.

While the app is free, Whistle does require a slight investment to get started. The tracker costs $80, but they allow potential customers to try it out for 90 days. If there’s still any doubts about its capabilities, Whistle boldly offers a full refund. This courageous policy highlights the company’s confidence that customers will love Whistle. Get in on this innovative app!

Dog Owners
Ask this app anything about being a pet owner.

App #2: PetCoach – Despite common stereotypes, properly taking care of a dog is more complicated than most people think. This reality goes directly against public opinion, and opens doors to asking for help. Fortunately, all the information a dog owner can think of is at their fingertips with this app. After downloading it, users are instantly connected with a slew of animal experts.

Everything from nutrition to diet questions can be both openly or privately consulted. They also have a large library of previously asked questions for those who don’t want to wait. This treasure trove of information is available for free, which makes the app indispensable for any serious dog owner!

Dog Owners
Get connected with quality caretakers for you canine.

App #1: Rover – Before this app came out, finding a trustable dog sitter was a daunting task. Now users can browse between a large database of carefully selected options in over 10,000 cities. Only 20% of potential sitters are accepted, so their requirements are rigorous. Each service provider showcases themselves with photos, video messages and detailed biographies. Rover also handles payments, so the entire transaction can be maintained inside the app. Whether you are making a career or looking for a sitter, this app is a great opportunity.

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