Meet the Most Influential Android App Developers

Over the last decade, the increase in Android apps has been fueled by a slew of app developers. Now that Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on the market, the doors have been opened for fresh competition. This increased public interest has put the international spotlight back on Android apps. With millions of users looking for something new around the world, Android app developers are scrambling to keep up with demand.

The sky is the limit on the recent bonanza, so countless developers are getting into the industry. While the number of Android app developers are staggering, about 2,000 companies manage to stand out. These groups have won over the public with a slew of interactive apps. Even though there are plenty of developers to choose from, not all of them enjoy the same levels of notoriety. This disparity is especially apparent when examining the top Android app developers. By creating dozens of successful apps, they have become heroes in an industry that’s thriving.

Today the app industry is worth $60 billion, and some sources say this number could hit $6.3 trillion by 2021. While these numbers may sound exaggerated, the ever growing presence of apps in our lives can’t be ignored. To fully understand the magnitude of this movement, it’s essential to examine the most successful developers. For this reason, we compiled a list of the top Android app developers. The amount of programs they have created is staggering, so prepare to be surprised by this article!

Top Android App Developers

Android App Developers
These self proclaimed innovators are influencing the industry.

App Developer #3: Dom & Tom – Ever since this company was founded in 2009, it has made major moves in the industry. From national news programs to international food giants, huge corporations have enlisted this company to develop apps. Over the last few years, they have expanded out of Chicago and established offices in New York and Los Angeles. They currently employ 250 people and have a talented teem of 100+ designers.

To date, Dom & Tom have pumped out 120 mobile apps and participated in over 400 web projects. Their specialties include UX strategy and design, deployment and research and planning. CNN, MacDonald’s, Hearst, Tyson, Fitch Ratings and the University of Oklahoma have hired them. This impressive resume allows them to do business on their terms. They only work on $50,000 minimum projects, which puts them in the top tier of the industry.

Android App Developers
This company is growing fast!

App Developer #2: Hedgehog Lab – Even though this global software consultancy corporation is based in London, they operate on three continents. Their six offices employ a talented team of around 250 people, and they only work on projects $50,000 and bigger. This elite approach to architecting, designing and developing apps has caught the eye of major corporations. They have successfully completed projects with Mitsubishi Motors, Santander Bank, Financial Times and EDF Energy. They have also won a slew of awards, so the future looks bright for this budding company.

Android App Developers
Over the years WillowTree Inc. has transformed into an empire.

App Developer #1: WillowTree, Inc. – Operating out of Charlottesville, Virginia, this is hands down the most exclusive app developer in the world. Their small army of employees work furiously on both iOS and Android apps. The minimum project budget is $100,000, so they have nothing but premium clients. Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, Fisher-Price and AOL have all hired this innovative company to build apps for them.

On top of their headquarters in Charlottesville, they also have offices in North Carolina and New York. Their apps are in a league of their own, and routinely set the standard when released. This company is a hard act to follow, so it will be interesting to see if anyone manages to dethrone them.

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