Treat Your Lover With These Valentine’s Day Apps

Faced with a growing amount of bills, more Australians are getting creative to make Valentine’s Day special. Despite a growing anti-Valentine’s day sentiment, Aussies spend a staggering amount of money in an attempt to be romantic. Between chocolates, flowers, drinks and entertainment, couples spent a jaw-dropping $528 million last Valentine’s Day. That breaks down to an average of $127, with men spending $70 dollars more on gifts than women. This impressive investment showcases the fact that Australia’s infatuation with Valentine’s Day is far from over.

Even though this holiday is too socially accepted to ignore, more people are looking for cheaper alternatives this Valentine’s Day. In an effort to cut down on costs, 65% of Australian couples have vowed to boycott this lavish holiday. While many will undoubtedly give in with at least a few drinks, this trend highlights the need for creative Valentine’s Day celebration alternatives. Fortunately, there’s still hope for those who want to indulge in a romantic escape.

Instead of spending a fortune on cliché gifts, many Australians are using apps to treat their lovers. By utilizing the power of our smartphones, celebrating Valentine’s Day becomes a treat that everyone can afford. From delicious recipes to epic celebration ideas, no aspect of Valentine’s Day is neglected by this new wave of romantic apps. To help reunite our readers with this enchanting holiday, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for Valentine’s Day. There’s no excuse to miss out on the opportunity to treat your lover, so discover why Valentine’s Day deserves to be celebrated!

Best Android Apps for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
Discover what deals are going on near you!

App #1: Groupon – When it comes to going out, sometimes all it takes is a little motivation. Groupon provides the best of both worlds by offering users discounts on hundreds of local activities. From eating out to getting massages, no potential activity is neglected. Users can save up to 70%, which makes these dates accessible for even the most frugal couples. All promotions are local, which allows anyone to get the inside scoop of what’s going on in their city.

The best part is, Groupon’s promotions are completely random. This helps hesitant users get inspired with a slew of epic ideas. When scrolling through the options, it’s impossible to not find the ideal treat for any couple. Whether you are short on cash or don’t know what to do, Groupon has you covered. There are too many options to make excuses, so get out and enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day
Treat your wallet & lover by cooking at home!

Android App #2: All Recipes Dinner Spinner – For those who want to avoid the crowds, staying home and cooking a romantic dinner is the ideal option. Even if you are having trouble figuring out what to cook, it’s impossible to run out of ideas with this recipe producing sidekick. Boasting a robust collection of 1,000+ recipe videos, All Recipes takes the guesswork out of cooking. Each process is explained step by step, which allows even the most novice chef to create a culinary masterpiece. No preference or food allergy is neglected, so download this app and surprise your loved one with the dinner of a lifetime!

Valentine's Day
Surprise your lover with a last minute gift!

Android App #3: 1-800-Flowers – Sometimes it’s impossible to escape the urge to get a last minute gift. Valentine’s Day revolves around surprises, so treat your lover with an unexpected treat. On top of offering an impressive amount of flower arrangements, 1-800-Flowers provides plenty of tasty alternatives. Users can pick between gourmet cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and more on their quest to seduce their partner. They have gift bundles that fit any budget and are delivered directly to your door. It doesn’t get easier than using this app, so take the hassle out of Valentine’s Day shopping!

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