How to Stay Calm at the Poker Table

Given the complexity of the game of poker is, there is no doubt the game can often be stressful for newcomers and skilled veterans similarly. Sitting at a poker table with many expectations, and several ambitious rivals, who are ready to win the game at any costs, requires a lot of courage and mental toughness.

Of course, playing poker is a rather frustrating and intimidating venture as there are complex and unpredictable and intertwined rules and tricks underlying it, to start with. It is usually a roller-coaster ride and hence it does require some high-end rigorous preparation, so you can build up some psychological resistance! Here, in this piece of information, we will talk about some key principles and important tips that will enable you to become a calmer and more confident player as you work towards making it big in the world of poker!

Try To Enjoy the Game

Try To Enjoy the Game

If you just visit the casino with an intention to win money or fame, you’re putting yourself at risk of ending up all shattered and stressed-out. Studies have demonstrated that your performance and emotional condition while playing depends upon your passion for what you’re doing. So, it is recommended to actually get engaged with the game not just play with a goal to earn money. Apart from this, if the casino psychological tricks are to be believed, enjoying the gaming process that means to remain engaged with the game is of the essence – and this is what helps you maintain your mental balance and stay calm!

Goodbye to Big Expectations

Goodbye to Big

As we all know, too much expectation often leads to disappointment and frustration. So, unless you’re willing to invite trouble by bridging the gap between what you are earnestly longing for and how things really are, just try to reduce the scope of your expectations.



Meditation and yoga have been immensely helpful and has become a remedy for almost every possible problem you can ever face. So far gambling is concerned, meditation techniques have already been proven to be incredibly effective and beneficial for players. This practice can alleviate any psychological uncertainty you might be feeling. Meditation techniques help players create a mindfulness mechanism; this will help improve your focus on the game. So, meditation can help you re-discover your inner self and calmness.

Learn to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Learn to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Avoiding stress in poker is not possible. But there is every possibility to try and manage it instead. This can be done sticking to your “comfort zone” which is a great way of handling stress during a poker game. What does it actually mean? Practically, a comfort zone is a “cozy” part of your mind; a mental peace, full of tranquility and harmony.

Use your Stress Mindfully

Use your Stress MindfullyUse your Stress Mindfully

It might appear to be crazy, but you can use your stress for the benefit of your gaming performance. In fact, you can make stress work in your favor by using it properly. For instance, you’re experiencing a strong feeling of stress and unease while in the game, try transforming it into a more favorable emotional status like rage or anger which you can us to beat your competitor.


At the top of all, beating your stress when playing poker can often be difficult to overcome. It is always suggested to manage your stress by applying above listed tips and tricks, you’ll have every chance to end up a winner.

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