Three best cases you should try to care and protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the new smartphone from Samsung which is considered the best Android mobile with large screen. If you have this expensive phone or wish to get one in near future you need also to look for a protective cover or case to keep your Samsung safe and crack free. So here are the three best cases you should try that would show your care towards your new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

1. Otterbox Commuter

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

Otterbox has on offer over 16 cases for Samsung Note 8. The Commuter Series of cases use a dual-layered design to cover the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with on-the-go protection through both a shock-absorbing slipcover and more-durable outer shell.

The commuter case Samsung Galaxy Note 8 provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock. Otterbox say it carries their own Certified Drop+ Protection seal of approval. While the certification doesn’t actually translate to any specific in terms of meters or whatnot, according to Otterbox this means it has survived 24 or more tests and 238 hours of rigorous testing.

But unlike some of Otterbox’s other cases, the Commuter won’t protect against water damage beyond the Note 8’s existing IP68 rating.

The cases  come in Black, Indigo and a pinkish Ballet and in Australia, the Otterbox’s Commuter cases retail costs for AUD $59.95 with 1 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

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2. Tech21

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Tech 21 cases

Tech 21 offers four best cases for Samsung Note 8. Evo Wallet, Evo Tactical, Evo Check and Pure Clear.

Evo Wallet costs AU$64.95 and is a wallet type case featuring concealed storage for two cards, Evo Wallet offers 3m/10ft protection, drop after drop, 3m/10ft Three-layer drop protection with FlexShock and you get comfortable access to all ports and functions.

Evo Tactical costs AU$54.95 comes in black color and offers 3m/10ft protection drop after drop, 3m/10ft Three-layer drop protection with FlexShock, Scratch and UV-yellowing resistant with limited Lifetime Warranty.

Pure clear costs AU$54.95 and is Ultra-thin, lightweight and beautifully clear, offers 2m/6.6ft protection, drop after drop. Significantly more transparent than any other clear case available today it protects you from scratch and UV-yellowing resistant with limited Lifetime Warranty

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The Evo Check boasts a three-layer protection system where the outer layer works to cushion the impact of a drop, the case’s skeleton frame then spreads out the kinetic energy before the inner FlexShock layer absorbs it.

Tech21 say it provides up to three metres of drop protection and that they’ve drop tested Evo Check cases 20 times in a bespoke impact testing machine to ensure it meets that standard.

Also it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic to the touch, nor did it infringes on the sleek edges of the device itself too much.

The Evo Check case is available in Clear White and Smokey Black and in Australia,  Evo Check case retail price is set for AUD $49 with a lifetime guarantee against defects. Click here to buy one.

3. Pelican Adventurer

Samsung Galaxy Note 8- Pelican

The Pelican Adventurer case offers up a two-layer protective design where the kinetic energy from drops is partially-deflected between a tougher outer layer, then absorbed by a softer inner layer.

According to Pelican the cases have been tested to Military Specifications MIL-STD 810G for 1.2 meters of drop protection. Itadds a thin-yet-sturdy bezel to things that blends in nicely to sleek black curves of the phablet. The case also moulds to the Note 8’s buttons really well, preserving most of their natural clickiness.

There are three cases to choose from

  • The Pelican Adventurer is available in black color with retail price set for AUD $39.95 with lifetime warranty for the case.
  • Pelican Voyager case is available in clear/grey color and costs AUD $59.95
  • Pelican Protector case is available in black/grey color and costs AUD $39.95

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The Pelican Voyager case protects against impact, shock, dust and sharp-edged attacks to your Galaxy note 8 through four layers of protection. Rigid polycarbonate, energy-absorbing thermoplastic elastomers and polyurethane rubber disperse impact energy. Meanwhile, a scratch resistant coated screen protector works to protect the front of your phone.  Like the Adventurer, the Voyager has been tested to Military Specifications MIL-STD 810G for 1.2 meters of drop protection. All the cases come with warranty.

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Out in the market there are so many cases and brand that sell cases. You can compare them as well as these three and choose the best you with to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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