Entertain Yourself With These Free Android Games

Even though there’s no completely escaping in-app purchases, patient players can still enjoy plenty of quality Android games for free. In a world full of freemium traps for unsuspecting players, this news is refreshing. For too long, players have been unapologetically drained of their finances by freemium games. These programs were created by unscrupulous developers who realized they could make more money milking players than with outright payments. Instead of playing by the books, they have gradually robbed players blind. Fortunately, over the years this trick has generated a lot of negative public feedback.

After receiving blowback over freemium scams, major developers made games that are more or less free. As long as players have patience, they can avoid spending a penny while playing these games. Even though free programs that are actually fun are hard to find, they do exist. With a little research, gaming becomes a right for anyone with an Android phone. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best free Android games. They are surprisingly fun to play, so quit paying for entertainment and start gaming within your budget!

Best Free Android Games in 2018

Free Android Games
Pit your cards against players from around the world.

Android Game #3: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Even though this game’s format is wildly different than the hit series that it’s based on, it’s still entertaining. Instead of commanding legions of warriors, players get to duel with cards. Each one features a different Warcraft character, so the battle is still on for survival. Players can build decks and accumulate new options with Blizzard’s regular updates.

These showdowns can be done in real time against players from around the world. Novices aren’t excluded, since anyone can build up their skills playing against bots before going against real opponents. Accounts can be accessed both on mobile and PC, so there’s no excuse not to get in on the action. This game is free, which means everyone can build up a deck and go to battle!

Free Android Games
Enjoy a free Final Fantasy adventure!

Android Game #2: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Out of all the freemium games based on the beloved Final Fantasy franchise, this one consistently impresses. Players are immediately plunged into enough lore and familiar features to feel like they paid for this game. From hidden treasures to secret dungeon explorations, this game is absolutely packed with action. Users have to use every bit of resourcefulness and critical thinking they have to beat bosses and eliminate powerful opponents.

As players continue on their quest, they are rewarded for their loyalty. Logging in daily opens up doors to new missions, which keeps the game from getting old. For the price, we have no complaints about this surprisingly intriguing Final Fantasy game.

Free Android Games
Get your adrenaline pumping with this fast paced game!

Android Game #1: Asphalt Extreme – Once the game loads, it immediately becomes apparent that Gameloft went the extra mile. This game puts players behind the wheel of a series of tricked out off-road vehicles. Without spending a penny, users get access to multiple tracks that can be played solo or against real opponents online. The more you play, the more vehicles are unlocked. This creates plenty of incentive to push each level to the limit, so hit the track without affecting your budget!

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