Examine 18 Years of Progress in Samsung’s Camera Phones

During the last 18 years, cameras on Samsung phones have undergone a dramatic transformation. Ever since they have been added, cameras have been the main selling point for most phones. This peaked public interest, and the rush to improve these features revolutionized the smartphone industry. As developers raced to outdo each other, smartphone cameras evolved at a shocking rate. Samsung’s phones are no exception, since they were at the forefront of this revolution. From the first 0.35 MP camera to the reimagined setup on the Galaxy S9, the difference is shocking.

While it’s easy to tell that things have improved, the amount of advancement is more profound than most users think. In less than 20 years, Samsung’s camera phones have improved dramatically. To fully understand how far we have come, it’s essential to examine the iconic releases. These cellphones paved the way for what we enjoy today, which makes them impossible to ignore. For this reason, we compiled a timeline of how Samsung camera phones have evolved. The difference between releases is shocking, so prepare to be surprised by what was once considered cutting edge!

Timeline of Samsung’s Camera Phones

Camera Phones
Samsung’s first camera phone!

2000: SCH-V200 – This was Samsung’s first phone that sported a built in camera. While it’s 0.35 MP image sensor was remarkable at the time, it had its fair share of restrictions. Users could only take up to 20 photos, and they could only be accessed with a computer.

Camera Phones
This phone introduced the world to selfies.

2002: SCH-X590 – What made this flip phone so iconic was its ability to take selfies. Instead of having a fixed camera, this phone sported a rotating camera. By allowing users to take pictures from the front and back, selfies were born. The CCD image sensor was only 0.11 MP, but that didn’t stop customers from being amazed.

Camera Phones
This phone could literally have a camera mounted on it.

2005: SCH-V770 – After straying away from flip phones, Samsung created new incentives for self-proclaimed photographers. This model had a 7 MP CCD sensor that could be customized to be even more powerful. Users had the ability to mount a telephoto & wide-angle lens, which allowed them to take better pictures.

Camera Phones
Samsung’s first smartphone had plenty of surprises.

2010: Galaxy S – On top of being Samsung’s first smartphone, this phone boasted a slew of new features. Its 5MP CMOS Sensor was complimented by Panorama, Stop Motion and Cartoon Shot modes. These features were all accessible through a touch screen, which put Samsung on par with the competition.

Camera Phones
New capabilities were added to this 8MP camera.

2012: Galaxy S3 – This release introduced users to a new way of selecting photos. The phone’s 8 MP BSI CMOS Sensor could take 20 continuous shots in Burst Shot mode. From there users could pick the best one and discard the others.

2014: Galaxy S5 – What made this camera stand out was its unusually high amount of Megapixels. Clocking in at 16 MP with an ISOCELL Sensor, this camera was ready for social media shots. It featured Samsung’s fastest autofocus that could create brighter photos in 0.3 of a second.

2016: Galaxy S7 – While this phone had less megapixels than its predecessor, the software changed everything. This was the first smartphone with a Dual Pixel autofocus system. Combined with a wider aperture, this 12 MP Dual Pixel Sensor was able to take noticeably sharper photos.

2017: Galaxy Note 8 – This release became Samsung’s first smartphone to harness the power of dual 12 MP cameras. Both sported optical image stabilization and worked together with the Live Focus feature. This bokeh effect exploded in popularity and quickly became the standard for professional style portraits.

Camera Phones
Today we enjoy features that weren’t even conceivable 18 years ago.

2018: Galaxy S9 – Once again, Samsung claims to have taken camera phones to new heights with this release. The S9 takes Super Slow-mo shots at 960fps and has a Dual Aperture camera. The 12MP camera features a Super Speed Dual Pixel Sensor that takes crisp photos in low and high light situations. This camera’s versatility is unmatched, so it will be exciting to see how Samsung builds onto it in the future.

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