These 3 Android Apps Are Killing Your Battery

When it comes to battery usage, not all apps are created equal. Some barely use any energy, while others drain batteries at alarming rates. This disproportionate use of energy has forced users to time out their usage of certain apps. By turning off certain programs, users can enjoy the long battery life that they deserve. Unfortunately, finding out which apps guzzle energy is easier said than done. Everyone knows that Facebook, Spotify & Clean Master use excessive amounts of data. Even though these are the easiest ones to identify, there are plenty of other culprits that are lowering your battery.

Out of all the Android apps, some need to be used sparingly to save battery life. Simply turning them off after using them can do wonders, so it’s time to act now. Even though the solution is simple, identifying inefficient apps is the first step to reaching optimal battery life. This is a daunting task, so we decided to create a list of Android apps that use the most energy. Prepare to be surprised by these programs, they aren’t as innocent as you think!

3 Android Apps That Drain Your Battery

Android App
This app uses more energy than you can imagine.

Android App #1: Amazon Shopping – Out of all the apps on this list, this one surprised us the most. This online shopping app may seem harmless, but it wreaks havoc on your battery. What makes this app so dangerous is the fact that no one expects it. Throw in the fact that it isn’t optimized for Android & you have a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately for bright eyed shoppers, getting the latest deals comes with a price. This app is constantly running in the background, which takes its toll on any battery. Keeping up to date on offers & promotions isn’t just time consuming, it drains any phone’s energy. Since this app is notorious for draining batteries, using the website is your best bet.

Android Apps
Entertainment has its price!

Android App #2: Snapchat – Even though this app has soared in popularity, it is responsible for depleting countless batteries. In the last few years, this fun alternative to physical interaction has taken the market by storm. Millions of people have downloaded it after being enticed by this groundbreaking concept. No one had ever heard of a photo app that instantly deleted photos, so everyone jumped onboard.

It seemed like the perfect combination of entertainment & efficiency, but everything comes with a catch. On top of using ungodly amounts of memory & battery life, Snapchat eats up internal storage. This is not something to be taken lightly, so try to use this app as sparingly as possible!

Android Apps
Checking emails costs battery life.

Android App #3: Outlook – This well-known email app isn’t just widely accepted, it’s a surprisingly serious threat to your battery. No matter how you use it, it sucks up the energy. From checking emails too frequently to having excessive email sync frequency, this app craves massive amounts of energy. This inefficient use of power has made this app notorious amongst Android users. To get around this inconvenience, it’s best to download the default Android email app. It will do wonders for your battery’s longevity, so make the right choice!

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