Gear S3 Receives 3 New Watch Faces

Summer is officially here, & there’s no better way to welcome the warm weather than with the Gear S3. Samsung realized that wearable technology has huge potential, so they held nothing back with this new release. To better serve clients, the Korean tech giant gave the S3 three distinct watch faces. Users can now pick between Outdoor, Travel & Sport. All of them provide unique options that are tailor made for each genre. This welcome arrangement allows users to get the most out of their adventures.

On top of giving clients 3 new watch faces, Samsung has made a slew of impressive upgrades on the Gear S3. Now the wearable watch is supported by a slew of diverse apps. Thanks to their new partnership with Under Armour, the S3 gives users access to cutting edge sports apps. These improvements come right on the heels of an impressive value pack update that was released at the end of March. Samsung went the extra mile with the Gear S3, so let’s explore these impressive watch faces.

Samsung Revamps the Gear S3

Gear S3
Get your exercises right with this new watch face.

Out of all the improvements to the Gear S3, the new watch faces steal the show. These innovative styles let users customize their watches to get the most out of this new technology. There are three new watch faces; travel, outdoor & sport. Each features unique options, so let’s explore these new additions.

Samsung’s new Outdoor watch face lets users take on Mother Nature. From casual hikers to daring rock climbers, this watch face is a game changer. This version features an altimeter at 3 o’clock, a date/weather indication at 6 & a barometer at 9. There’s also a sunrise & sunset display that casually arches over the screen. Users can customize the display to fit their needs, & they can also set alarms for certain activities. When the indicated elevation & atmospheric figures are reached, the screen flashes red. Overall this is a great tool for anyone who is taking on the wilderness.

For those that are living life on the go, Samsung created the Travel watch face. This allows users to get the most out of their trips with a slew of adjustable settings. The watch face features dual-time indications that show both the current temperature & the weather back home. There’s also a currency display set at the 12 o’clock mark that allows users to access exchange rates. They are updated daily, so you can get the best bang for your buck. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a detailed street map that can help any tourist feel more at home. It can be accessed simply by tapping the screen.

Not wanting to neglect the gym rats, Samsung went all out with the Sport watch face. This theme sports a stop watch at 3 o’clock & a speedometer at 9. There are also side-by-side heart rate & calories burned displays. Users also get easy access to My Journey to track their runs & rides. There’s also a built-in alert function that flashes red when certain heart rates & calorie burns are reached. This watch face takes the guess work out of working out, so start exercising like a pro!

All in all, Samsung did a spectacular job with these new watch faces. They give all the amenities that users need, & let people customize their Gear S3’s to their routines. In an industry full of gimmicks, it’s refreshing to see a company get it right with wearable technology. It will be exciting to see what updates Samsung comes up with next!

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