Samsung Galaxy A series mid range phones you will love to have

Samsung Galaxy A5

As Samsung Galaxy A Series now in the Australian stores the brand has more convincingly brought the high-quality flagship DNA down to the mid-range, which makes the A5 the first non-flagship phone from the Korean company that you will love to have.

Samsung have shared domination of the top priced premium phone market with Apple in Australia for years now, their Galaxy S series phones are over $1,000 at launch and appeal most to those buying on a contract.

While that domination continued, Huawei, Oppo, Alcatel and even LG and Sony have been dropping phones at much lower price points enticing customers with real dollar value.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A5 at $649 and the Galaxy A7 at $799.

The A5 has a 5.2 inch screen, while the A7 has a 5.7 inch screen.  Other than that they are basically identical in specifications.

The A5’s 5.2-inch panel reduces the size of the phone overall. The bezel is kept to a minimum and the ever so slightly curved back makes the device easy to hold in one hand. There are even some design quirks that give the Galaxy A5 one over on its loftier Galaxy S7 sibling. The pastel colours – pink, blue and gold – are all subtle and attractive.
The headphone jack is on the bottom of the device, as it always should be, next to a USB Type-C port – the only on-sale Samsung phone with this reversible connection – and that’s it. In a strange move, Samsung has switched the speaker to the top side. While the Samsung is ditching the physical home button and capacitive “Back” and “Overview” keys on the Galaxy S8, they’re still present on the A5.

The microSD card slot – which can handle up to 256GB cards, upping the base 32GB – combines with the nano-SIM on the top, while the clicky volume keys sit on the left.
The biggest upgrade over the A5 from last year is the addition of an IP68 certification, which means your device will survive a dunk in a meter of water for around 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Both front and rear cameras are 16 megapixels, which will suit the selfie lovers and again indicates awareness from Samsung of the rising opposition like Oppo who have been favouring the front camera for some time.

Overall this is a  good phone with not much disappointments as such and before you ask – yes, the Galaxy A series phones are going through the new 8-point battery safety program Samsung introduced.

You can place the Samsung Galaxy A5 at $649 and it’s hard to see anyone buying another brand. Galaxy A series is on sale through all the major telcos and retail stores.

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