The 3 Best Samsung Galaxy Phone Plans in Australia

The 3 Best Samsung Galaxy Phone Plans in Australia
The 3 Best Samsung Galaxy Phone Plans in Australia

The Samsung Galaxy phones are often considered the best and most advanced smartphones that are being sold. The people that use them love this speed of the phone, the features that it offers, the large screen, and many other things that help set this phone apart from others. For many people, the cost of the phone is easy to justify because of what it can do. The Samsung Galaxy has one major flaw. It is a flaw that is shared by just about every other smartphone that is being used today. It needs to have the right cellular network to get the most out of it. Here are the Samsung Galaxy Phone Plans in Australia.

Cell phone networks are not the same. They offer different plans, they charge different rates and they have different coverage areas. When a person pays the money for their Samsung Galaxy phone they will want to find the best network for them. Part of that decision will be made based on where the person is using the phone. The best networks in one country may not exist or may not be the best in another. That is why it is best to narrow down the search and find the best Samsung Galaxy phone plans in Australia.

The best 3 Samsung Galaxy phone plans in Australia

1. Vodafone $55 Super Plan features:

Vodafone $55 Super Plan features
Vodafone $55 Super Plan features
  • $101.20 per month
  • 60GB data
  • 10% discount for 18–25s
  • 40GB bonus data
  • Capped 10Mbps after 100GB
  • 5G network access

While Vodafone’s $40 Lite Plan is the most popular plan, the telco’s continued extension of its promo pricing and bonus offers to help you get another Vodafone plan once again: the $55 SIM Only Super Plan.

It is more expensive, but it comes with $10 of monthly credit for the first year, costing $101.20 for the first 12 months when coupled with an iPhone 12 64GB handset.

Recently, Vodafone also offered Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions, but those are over. Still, if you fall in the age bracket of 18 and 25, you can save a further 10% off your bill for the life of the plan, and those in that age bracket can bundle this plan with other eligible ones to save further money, too.

2. Woolworths Mobile $25 Mobile Phone Plan:

Woolworths Mobile $25 Mobile Phone Plan
Woolworths Mobile $25 Mobile Phone Plan
  • $36.41 per month
  • 18GB data
  • 200GB data bank
  • $25 for the plan; $11.41 for Samsung Galaxy A12
  • 10% off monthly Woolies shop
  • Telstra network
  • No contract

If you want to pay off a new handset and have a nice Postpaid plan to pair it with, have a look at the Woolworths Mobile $25 Mobile Phone Plan with a Samsung Galaxy A12 handset. This no-contract plan comes for $36.41 a month with 24-month handset repayment terms. It comes with 18GB of data, which is a big amount for everyday users.

There are decent perks, too. For newbies, any unused data can be used between months (up to 200GB) and you can get 10% off your Woolies shop once a month (up to $50 in savings). In case you want the cheapest A12 Postpaid plan, the Southern Phone Small Mobile Plan costs $25.99 a month but you get only 2.5GB of data.

3. Most popular Telstra network phone plan

Most popular Telstra network phone plan
Most popular Telstra network phone plan

If coverage is your primary concern, you would be looking for the best deal on Telstra’s network (or wholesale network if we’re talking MVNOs). This section doesn’t get the same monthly offer as the rest of our top picks, but our “most popular” plan filter is still a good sign of the best trending deals and is updated regularly.

At the starting of the month, the “Belong” 20GB Mobile Plan had got a win over last month’s winner, the Boost $30 Prepaid Plan. This 20GB a month with Belong costs $25 a month for the first-year cost of $300. You will pay $5 less a month for a SIM Only plan that has the same usual amount of data as Boost’s $30 Prepaid plan (if you don’t count the double data on the first three recharges). You can also offer your unused Belong data to other Belong customers or rollover unused megabytes.


There are some other things to consider when choosing the best plan for the Samsung Galaxy phones. Because they are Wi-Fi enabled, it is possible to use a Wi-Fi connection to surf the net, make calls and text messages without using up any of the plans minutes or data. The user of the phone should consider where they use the phone and how the use of Wi-Fi will affect the way they use the phone plan.

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