Samsung’s Wearables Are Taking On the Apple Watch

Samsung is taking on the Apple Watch with three new wearables that cater to fitness-minded clients. Users will soon be able to access the Gear Sport Watch, Gear Fit2 Pro & IconX wireless earbuds. These groundbreaking models were unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin. This strategic timing was undoubtedly aiming to seduce more users before Apple releases the iPhone 8. All three models are innovative, and put Samsung’s wearables on the same level as Apple’s.

Now that Samsung’s foray into fitness tailored wearables has blossomed into something serious, Apple finally has some competition. For too long the Apple Watch has been the defining model for wearables, so some variety is welcome. The Gear Sport Watch promises to take user’s workouts to the next level, while the Gear Fit2 Pro provides tracking for swimmers. The IconX wireless earbuds can take your playlist with you, even without the phone. These are all enticing features, so let’s explore what other surprises these products pack.

Samsung Releases 3 New Wearables

This watch is ready to take on Apple’s monopoly.

Out of all the models Samsung released, the Gear Sport Watch has stolen the show. It’s a direct competitor to the Apple Watch, and it features many of the same capabilities. Like Apple’s wearable, it can support up to 50 meters of water resistance. It also provides 4GB of storage, with about 2.5 of the four gigs free with the basic programs. The Gear Sport also boasts built-in GPS, so your runs or rides can be tracked without a phone.

Out of all the improvements, a few stick out. Instead of running on Google software, the Gear Sport is powered by Samsung’s Tizen software. This has been tailor made to accommodate the new exercise tracking options created by Under Armour and Speedo. These include improved heart-rate-monitors that illuminate health conditions. The battery is also improved, with up to 100 hours on power saving mode. Normal use is equally impressive, with up to 35 hours of battery life.

These new features are also accompanied by a few expected additions. Like the Gear S3, the Gear Sport also has NFC wireless capabilities. This opens doors for Samsung Pay transactions, which lets users complete payments anywhere. It can also be used as a remote control for the GearVR virtual-reality headset. The only downside is it’s bulky, but that’s forgivable for most users who attend the gym more than formal events.

Take on nature with this wearable!

Even though it hasn’t gotten as much coverage, the Gear Fit2 Pro is equally promising. It sports a sleeker design that will undoubtedly appeal to users who avoid the Gear Sport. The Gear Fit2 Pro managed to keep most of the Gear Sport’s activity-tracking capabilities & premium features. It’s also waterproof & packs 4GB of storage. The only thing it lacks is the Gear Sport’s app choices. It’s curved 1.5 inch AMOLED screen comes to life with a slew of choices. These mostly focus on the user’s exercise and water intake, but can be customized to track much more.

These earbuds bring the music to you.

The last release is the IconX, and they are taking earbuds to a new level. Each one sports 4GB of storage per ear, which allows users to store plenty of music for long runs. On top of making sure clients never go without a beat, they can also track run times and distances. This was made possible by a built-in accelerometer, which is accompanies by a running coach that speaks updates. These work with both Android and iOS phones, so everyone can get in on the action. They last 6 hours on standalone mode, and four hours on a hands-free kit.

After all has been said in done, Samsung made a valiant contribution to the wearable industry. It’s about time someone gave Apple a run for its money. This added competition will undoubtedly push both tech giants to create better products. Wearables are steadily evolving from practical jokes to viable products. These three releases will undoubtedly help this transition, since they prove wearables can actually be useful.

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