Samsung searched for Australia’s wettest town- Know how Samsung Galaxy S 8 qualified for this test

Samsung Wet Phone Test

Samsung searched for Australia’s wettest town by asking residents to prove it on their water resistant Samsung Galaxy S8. Created by Leo Burnett and directed by Craig Rasmus, the 30-second ad shows two towns in far north Queensland fight over which is the wettest by taking footage in the rain, on a boat and in the rapids on their Samsung Galaxy S8.

The specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is great phone and features Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the sides which also makes it bit delicate. There are no buttons on the front side of the display thus making it all screen display. The finger print scanner has been moved to the back side of the phone. Samsung has found a unique position to place the finger print scanner.

Unlike most of the smartphone, it is not in the centre but it sits just adjacent to the camera at the top. Since S8 is a tall phone with 5.8” display it becomes very difficult to locate the finger print sensor. You will either end up scanning your finger on Camera Lens or you will partially cover the sensor.

With Infinity Display, it doesn’t look like you are holding a phone but rather it seems like you are just holding a display since the display melts over both side. This curved display on both the side also offers a better viewing angles and makes a phone look slimmer and classic.

Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts of beautiful 5.8” AMOLED display with a pixel ratio of 2960 x 1440 pixels. Samsung has also brought the concept of ‘Mobile HDR Premium’ where the display offers better color, darker blacks & brighter whites. There is also a video enhancer mode where it boosts the contrast & brightness. This mode can be used for watching content on YouTube & Netflix. You will get a 1080p display by default which can be changed to QHD by tweaking the settings.

There is a 12 MP camera at rear with a focal length of f/1.7 & Optical Image Stabilization. It used the ‘Dual Pixel’ technology which results in ultra-fast autofocus. Samsung has also introduced a new feature by the name of ‘Multi-Frame Image Processing’ where it clicks three images at a time and stitched these three to yield the best image. You just need to double tap the power key and it will fire up the camera.

There is also a ‘Pro Mode’ where you can play with ISO and white balance and can entertain your inner photographer. There is no such over-saturation of color, excess contrast issue with the camera and clicks just perfect images. The lens has also been widened a bit which allows extra light to pass the lens thus snapping clear photos even in low light.

S8 sports an 8 MP front camera which can click selfies to die for. The reason behind this is Auto Focus. There are still the only handful of phones present in the market which features auto focus in front camera and Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of them. The device also offers few filters like Snapchat to play with.

Being powered by the latest chipset, performance is not a doubt in S8. It works perfectly fine no matter how heavy game you are playing or how much multitasking you are doing. You can easily switch from one app to another without any noticeable lag. It offers 64 GB of internal storage & supports up to 256 GB of external storage via MicroSD card.

It comes with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box with Samsung Skin on the top. Icons look much better with angular & edgy design. The color scheme of the device is crisp & clear & the device UI looks fresh and smooth. The S8 comes with a new software feature called ‘DeX’ which is like ‘Microsoft Continuum’. With DeX you need an HDMI supported to monitor and you can convert use Samsung Galaxy S8 into Mini Computer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also the first device to use Bluetooth 5.0 which means you can connect it to two Bluetooth speakers at a same time and can play music on both. It is powered by a 3000 mAh of a battery which delivers decent result & can easily last a day. Wireless charging is still there along with USB Type C.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is both water & dust resistance

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are meant to take spills, splashes, and dunks, you can keep going even in the rain—or in the shower. This is because Samsung Galaxy S8 provides ingress protection (IP68) against dust and water to a maximum of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes.

In the campaign to search for Australia’s wettest town included the three-minute short film depicting how the new phone is “solving Australia’s soggiest rivalry” between Tully and Babinda, over which town is wetter. Australia’s Wettest Town Showdown short film brings in a ‘weather expert’ who asks people to send in all the images of rain and water to prove which town is in fact the wettest. At the end of the short film, the ‘weather expert’ announces both Tully and Babinda as the wettest town.

You can buy phone online and see for yourself how the Samsung proves to be water resistant phone.

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