Now you can watch iTunes movies and Apple TV Shows on your Samsung TV sets

Samsung and Apple

Recently Samsung has made some big announcements in CES 2019 like the launching of Samsung CR9 gaming monitor, changes to its industry-leading Micro LED technology The Wall, which will allow unprecedented picture quality and let you change the screen size to suit your needs. But the best deal that happens to be joyful for the movie buffs is about  the handshake with Apple which will now  offer iTunes movies and TV shows on Samsung TV sets. The move comes ahead of a likely 2019 introduction of Apple’s own streaming video service – a rival to Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Amazon Prime, along with new network-backed services such as CBS all Access and Disney’s imminent streaming channel.

Samsung Wall TV

Note that many online based video services already offer apps for both the Apple TV set-top box and smart televisions from the likes of Samsung and LG, however Apple’s decision will allow users to watch iTunes movies and TV shows without buying an Apple TV unit.

Since late 2017, users who purchased movies through iTunes have been able to watch them on any device, including Samsung televisions, that supported the Movies Anywhere consortium. Films from Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Universal, Sony and Fox purchased through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu could be viewed on the respective apps and devices and TVs that support the apps.

Apple’s iTunes will be available on the 2019 release of Samsung smart TVs beginning in the second quarter of this year, with a software update bringing the same functionality to 2018 models.

The deal also includes support for AirPlay, which means iPhone users will be able to stream video content from their phones to Samsung TVs. LG Electronics said its latest sets will also support AirPlay, creating a larger base of products where users can stream Apple videos, although they won’t include Samsung’s iTunes integration.

Samsung and Apple deal

Earlier both Apple and Samsung were great rivals over smartphone patents, with Apple accusing its rival of copying the iPhone’s design. According to news sources after multiple trials and Apple being awarded millions of dollars, the two companies eventually settled in June 2018, ending litigation. But beyond lawsuits and hardware competition, the companies have still long shared a close partnership, with Apple relying on Samsung for components such as screens in the latest high-end iPhones.

In recent years Apple has taken steps to wean itself off Samsung by developing its own future screen technology and device processors. The addition of iTunes on Samsung TVs came just weeks after Apple opened up Apple Music to the Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo platform, as Apple seek to rapidly grow user numbers to better compete with Spotify.

According to Won-Jin Lee, Samsung Electronics’ executive vice president of visual display business, said the partnership with Apple was about provide Samsung users with a broad range of content and they pride themselves on working with top industry leaders to deliver the widest range of content services to their Smart TV platform.

The Samsung deal is the second time in recent months in which Apple has made a pact with another technology company to land its services on their devices. Last year it said its Apple Music streaming service would be made available on Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, despite Apple selling its own line of HomePod speakers that compete directly with Echo speakers.

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