Learn a New Language With These Innovative Apps

Even though English dominates most households, learning a second language is steadily becoming a priority in Australia. From reaching immigrant communities to working in tourism, there are plenty of reasons for Aussies to learn a new language. Despite what most people think, Australia doesn’t have an official language. While English is the traditional choice, it’s only spoken exclusively in 72.7% of Australian households. In total, a staggering 300 different languages are spoken throughout Australia. While 150 are Aboriginal languages, Mandarin is the second most spoken language with over 596,711 Australian speakers.

Now that one in five Australians speaks a different language at home, the spotlight is back on learning new languages. On top of the incentives provided to bilingual schools by the government, a growing number of employers want multilingual employees. According to a Foundation for Young Australians report, there’s a 181% rise in demand for bilingual skills in the workplace. This isn’t surprising, since Chinese and Indian visitors dominate Australia’s $47.5 billion tourism industry. Speaking a second language has become such a profitable skill that more Australians are scrambling to learn one.

Out of all the tools to learn a new language, none are more convenient than language apps. These programs provide instant access to a fountain of information that was nearly impossible to find just a few decades ago. The best part is, learning the basics of a foreign language provides an ideal foundation that can be perfected abroad. To showcase which programs are fueling this revolution, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for learning languages. Each program has its advantages, so discover which app is optimized to help you reach your goals!

Best Language Apps in 2019

Language Apps
Connect with native speakers from around the world!

App #3: HelloTalk – By creating an easy-to-use chat platform that’s similar to Whatsapp, HelloTalk became a unique network that helps people learn a new language. Instead of abandoning users in a computer program, they connect native speakers from around the world. Users can connect with people who natively speak their target language and freely exchange messages. These can be corrected by the recipient and augmented with audio or drawings.

On top of allowing users to learn new phrases, the stage is set for making friends abroad. This personal touch can’t be found anywhere else, and is one of the main draws of the app. Over 10 million people use the HelloTalk, which is a testament to its effectiveness. Users can choose between 100 different languages, so sign up to find your new online teacher!

Language Apps
Dive into the inner-workings of any major language.

App #2: Memrise – Boasting a slew of free language courses, this program has managed to take both app stores by storm. It won the Best App of 2017 in Google Play, along with multiple other awards. The main perk of this program is the fact that it mixes up translations to ensure users understand the context. Even after getting over a million positive reviews on Google Play, it continues to seduce new users. Few free language programs offer this much content, so take advantage of its vast library of courses!

Language Apps
This program is the undisputed king of mobile language learning.

App #1: Duolingo – When exploring potential language apps, it’s impossible not to come across Duolingo. By fitting various courses into an undeniably entertaining format, they pioneered mobile language learning. Users get access to a plethora of different courses that cater to every imaginable language and skill level. This robust library and competitive environment proved to be a winning combination, since Duolingo has over 100 million users. No other app has taught more people a foreign language, so feel free to join their tradition of breaking language barriers!

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