Light Offers 16 Reasons to Ditch DSLR Cameras


The days of young photographers lugging around heavy DSLR cameras to take epic photos is limited. Light is a revolutionary startup that is getting ready to release their heavily anticipated 16 lens camera that is the size of a cellphone and features built in WiFi & Bluetooth capacity. This brilliant product will give photographers the agility that they currently lack with their current addiction to bulky DSLR cameras.

People’s fascination with capturing moments in time has predated cameras and goes back thousands of years all the way back to ancient sculptures and carvings. Our fascination with taking pictures of ourselves and everything around us has created an incredible demand for increased lens capacity on our smart phones. Every year an estimated 2 to 3 trillion photos are taken and uploaded in some shape or form onto social media by millions of people. Currently to capture a truly spectacular photo we are limited to prehistorically huge DSLR cameras that cost thousands of dollars. Due to the cost and size of these behemoth machines most people rely on their cellphones to take a stunning amount of pictures. With the current cell phone camera capability well under the level of DSLR camera’s potential, the people are demanding an innovative solution. Light has finally developed a camera that is small enough to fit into your pocket & powerful enough to make DSLR cameras a thing of the past.

The new L16 harnesses the power of 16 different lenses and artfully infuses them into one high quality image. Even though the L16 has 16 different lenses, it brilliantly chooses the 10 best lenses to use when capturing each photo. This impressive array of lenses is folded on top of each other with a high tech grace that rivals origami. The multiple layers of folded optics make its design as sleek and compact as possible. Once blended, these images contain an impressive resolution of 52 mega pixels. On top of that it has the ability to film 4k video and has IOS capability that matches high end DSLR cameras. The depth of field perception is nothing short of remarkable and can be edited afterwards on the user’s computer. Combine all these features with WiFi capability, Bluetooth & cloud storage and you have a camera that anyone will love. There is no arguing that this new camera is a game changer. It has already received praise from photographers & techies worldwide.

Light is already accepting pre-orders of the L16 at a competitive price of $1,299. But place your order now because when it releases next summer it is expected to retail at $1,699. This innovative camera is going to take professional photography to a new level. It will allow people to have the agility of an ordinary smartphone photographer while capturing high quality photos & videos. In the end the breath taking abilities of the L16 will force DSLR camera owners to throw their out dated equipment in the trash.

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