Amazon Gives Google Lens a Run for Their Money


To the surprise of the tech community Google Glass & Microsoft’s HaloLens now have a formidable new competitor: Amazon. They are now going full throttle on developing a double layer augmented reality (AR) glasses that aim to outdo the competition. They already have the patent and their new design incorporates a revolutionary new system that will allow users to access AR from two different platforms. This new feature caters to the modern day consumer’s love affair with choice that’s adamantly demanded with every product.

Amazon’s new patent allows the user to switch from their 3D lenses to a transparent glass panel. This allows people to experience the personal touch of AR lenses while at the same time being able to watch movies on a big screen with friends. Amazon is vigorously pursuing new ways to flaunt their technological prowess and these new pair of lenses will not disappoint. The versatility of these new glasses will be nothing less than legendary by the time they are released. Sources say that these lenses will utilize two different layers which will work with a primary display layer and will also utilize a second layer of variable transparency. While the first display layer provides the virtual content, the variable-transparency layer will work as a transparent screen. A single touch button will allow the user to effortlessly switch between the two options. The glasses will also showcase two variants, a wired and a wireless one.

“On the one hand, a large screen is beneficial for watching movies, playing games and even reading email comfortably,” according to the patent that the company filed in September 2013. “On the other hand, the larger the screen, the bigger the device, which may be less desirable for a light and portable product. Another problem consumers experience with portable devices, like tablet devices, is the lack of ability to immerse themselves in a tablet experience, such as watching a movie on an airplane.”

Jeff Bezos has an illustrious history of making dramatic forays into technology. He likes to rock the boat and keep major companies on their toes. This was showcased with Amazon’s release of the Kindle Fire range of Android tablets and the Kindle e-Reader. Amazon even went as far as releasing their first Android smartphone, the Fire Phone. It debuted last year but failed to seduce buyers from the Apple IPhone frenzy. Still for better or worse they are willing to keep producing new technology that rivals their competitors. It’s well known that Jeff Bezos doesn’t fear failure, he only fears not trying. This brazen attitude is admirable and we can thank innovative companies like Amazon for keeping the market competitive. After all, where would we be if computer companies stopped after the launch of Microsoft? Change is coming, whether the other companies like it or not. This friendly rivalry will do nothing but give the consumers a better AR product at a more reasonable price.

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