Huawei and Samsung Ends the Long Patent Battle

The long rivaling dispute for the superiority in the industry between Samsung and Huawei is finally coming to an end with them agreeing on the 40 lawsuit patents. The settlement was reported in the local Chinese Media. The terms haven’t yet been declared but they have agreed on a general agreement that is to move them closer to a cross-licensing deal for their patents. As a result, they will be abandoning the lawsuits against each other.

The Era of Industry Shifts

Era of Industry Shifts

This settlement has come when the smartphone industry is reeling under a lot of shifts and changes. There is going to be a rise in the internet service due to the 5G introduction next year and many manufacturers have declined the shipments as they are unable to sell the smartphones that have already been quintessentially growing rapidly in the market. Huawei has managed to ignore the problem as their shipments were up to 50 percent from last year side so there must be a good reason for them to drop the lawsuit and bite the dust.

It all Started in 2016

It all Started in 2016

Recently, Apple and Qualcomm also have settled their own beef with each other, which spanned over years and countries over smartphone patents. Of course, 5G played a great role in this settlement. This legal battle between two smartphone giants started in 2016 when both the companies said to have infringed on its LTE patents.

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