Samsung Reclaims US Market in Q1 2016

The fierce rivalry between Apple & Samsung is going full swing in America. For years the smartphone giants have been battling each other for the lucrative US market. This year Samsung managed to win back control of the US with the release of the Galaxy S7. With a series of high profile releases still to come it’s going to be interesting to see if Samsung will be able to maintain control of this ever changing market.

Samsung Dethrones Apple in the US Market

US Market 1
The Galaxy S7 has proven to be a huge asset in Samsung’s conquest of the US.

An unexpected twist allowed Samsung to reclaim the top spot in smartphone sales this year. This was a major victory since the last time Samsung outsold Apple was last April. Samsung made headlines when they accounted for 28.8% of the US market, beating Apple by 5.8%. LG came in at 3rd place with 17.1% & Asian smartphones continued to struggle on American soil. ZTE claimed 6.6% while Huawei landed a meager 1%. Chinese giant TCL faired a little better with 4.5%.

This recent upset was attributed to the strategic release of the Galaxy S7. In February this gorgeous smartphone was unveiled at the MWC 2016 mobile trade show. This created a huge buzz & allowed Samsung to take over the industry. This groundbreaking release was a massive boost to Samsung’s sales in America, making them account for 28.8% of US smartphone sales in March. Apple experienced disappointing sales with the iPhone 6s & the newly launched iPhone SE has also failed miserably at seducing more customers. However Apple still grossed more revenue in the first quarter of 2016 than all their rivals, including Samsung.

Even though Samsung has taken the lead, the fight for the US market is far from over. Apple still has a huge trick up its sleeve, the iPhone 7. For 2 years die hard Apple fans have been in suspense, with rumors swirling around the internet about cool new features. All this hype is making it one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. In mid September Apple hopes to recover their empire with the release of this mysterious phone. To combat this new release Samsung is planning on unveiling the Galaxy Note 6 in August.

US Market 2
Samsung is fighting to stay on the vanguard of the smartphone industry.

Samsung is already drumming up anticipation for the Galaxy Note 6. Allegedly it will be just as powerful as a laptop, while still harnessing the versatility of a smartphone. There are also rumors floating around that it will come fully compatible with an updated Gear VR headset. These are some enticing promises, but only time will tell if it will hold its weight against the iPhone 7.

All these new releases are going to make 2016 a defining year for Samsung. This is their chance to continue to beat Apple in their home country, which is a monumental feat. Apple’s lackluster sales are definitely going to be jumpstarted by the release of the iPhone 7. But Samsung plans to outdo them by consistently releasing quality products. This year is setting the stage for an epic showdown between Samsung & Apple. So far Samsung has taken the lead, but it will be extremely difficult to maintain.

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