How does Samsung Galaxy S7 differ from Apple iPhone 6s

Samsung S7 and iPhone 6s

Smartphones are on the rise and moving to new phones which are easy to handle and offer great features are much in demand. With coming of latest Samsung Galaxy S7 the users of the phone try to resemble it with Apple iPhone 6s. It is because phones are of same size, both support 12 MP cameras, finger scanners, premium design materials and have similar price tag.
But obviously there are hard die iOS fans as well as Samsung Android fans to debate upon the similarities of these two phones. Let us try to make things easy as what makes them feel different apart from the brand and look.


When looking at the design of both the phones kept side by side they both look awesome.Design

Apple iPhone 6s

  • Is easier to handle.
  • iPhone 6s is the smaller, slimmer and lighter to be held in palm.
  • iPhone is all-metal design and its matte metal back doesn’t get covered in fingerprints as the S7’s glass plate does in no time.
  • iPhone 6s have 360-degree fingerprint readers embedded in their physical home buttons, using its signature round shape for the key,

Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Has bigger screen, waterproof body and expandable storage. The Galaxy S7 now has a tapered back instead of sharp edges, which makes it more comfortable to grip.
  • There’s also IP68 waterproofing certification that lets you dunk it in up to five feet of water for half an hour.
  • Galaxy S7 have 360-degree fingerprint readers in elliptical, allowing it to squish the bottom bezel thinner than that of the iPhone.
  • The top and side bezels are also slimmer, so Samsung managed to fit a larger screen in a chassis that is not that much larger than the one of the iPhone.


Samsung Galaxy S 7 has sharp display  than the iPhone 6s

  • The Samsung Galaxy S7’s display all but identical to the S6’s. Radically it is sharper than the iPhone 6S’ screen, and will once again display deeper blacks, because of its Super AMOLED tech.

AMOLED technology works to help screens display deeper and richer blacks by electrically charging each individual pixel when generating colours, letting them create blacks simply by turning off the relevant pixels. This means in general the Galaxy S7, like the S6, should have a more vibrant and sharp display than the iPhone 6S.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 has a cool new always on feature. The feature is a low power screen mode that activates when the phone is put to sleep. It offers peek views of incoming notifications and alerts. So you can check who has messaged you without having to fully power up the display.
  • Apple’s iPhone 3D Touch is a nifty feature that lets the iPhone’s screen detect varying amounts of pressure. It can be used to enact a variety of tasks, like previewing emails and websites. For iPhone 6S owners familiar with 3D Touch, the lack of an equivalent feature on the Galaxy S7 could be a sticking point.


  • The Galaxy S7 is set to be powered by either Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820, or one of Samsung’s own Exynos processors. Which you get will depend on your location or place where you live.
  • Samsung claims both chips will offer radically better performance. Specifically the firm claims they will offer 30% better performance than the Galaxy S6’s Exynos 7420 64-bit octa-core CPU. The phone’s also got a memory upgrade, with Samsung having loaded the Galaxy S7 with a staggering 4GB of RAM.
  • The iPhone, meanwhile, has the dual-core A9 chip and 2GB of RAM.


  • Samsung’s insistence on loading Android smartphones with Touchwiz has been a key issue hampering their ability to compete with Apple iPhones. To this day many Galaxy S6 smartphones have not been upgraded to Google’s latest Android Marshmallow operating system.
  • Apple’s closed management of iOS has let the company ensure device owners are always able to get software updates, so long as the iPhone, or iPad’s hardware is able to run it.
  • Samsung’s managed to do great work fixing the bloatware issue on the Galaxy S7 and getting preloading it with Android Marshmallow. But it is certain that upgrade issues may persist so the iPhone 6S may be the better long term buy.


Samsung’s only loaded the Galaxy S7 with 32GB of internal storage. By comparison the iPhone 6S is currently available with 16GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal space.

Android Marshmallow is adds support for Adoptable storage – a nifty feature that lets phones treat SD cards like internal memory. This means you can install directly onto the SD card without having to suffer the usual performance issues associated with expandable storage.

This means the Galaxy S7 can offer users more storage than the iPhone 6S, without losing any performance.


  • The iPhone 6S automatic mode is one of the best on a smartphone and makes it quicker and easier to take great photos It’s only drawback is its lack of optical image stabilisation (OIS), a factor that, combined with its lower f/2.2 aperture meant it struggled to compete with the Galaxy S6 in low light.
  • Samsung’s loaded the Galaxy S7 with a new 12-megapixel sensor that’s been designed to capture bigger pixels, and as a consequence more light. The aperture has also been improved to F/1.7. Samsung claims the combination of factors mean the Galaxy S7 can capture 95% photos than its predecessor.


  • Neither the Galaxy S6 of iPhone 6S have great battery life. With regular use both phones struggle to last a full day off one charge.
  • Samsung’s loaded the Galaxy S7 with a sizable 3,000 mAh cell battery. The battery dwarfs the 1,715 mAh battery included in the iPhone 6S and hopefully means you  finally be able to enjoy a flagship smartphone that can consistently survive a full day’s use off a single charge.


  • Prices for Apple’s phone start from $764, while Samsung’s latest will start from $807.
  • You’ll see that the entry-level iPhone 6S comes with  16GB of storage. Samsung starts off with a much more reasonable 32GB of storage, not to mention a microSD slot of expansion.

You can see that the Galaxy S7 features a strong processor, twice the memory, a higher aperture camera and comes loaded with Google Android Marshmallow operating system.

Apple’s iPhone 6S is already having half of these features and the iPhone 7 comes with more extraordinary features for its to be rival in the smartphone market.

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