Galaxy S10 will have Amazing Disney and Pixar Wallpapers

Samsung improvised their new display screen on the Galaxy S10 by leaving a small cut out at the end of the display and moving the front camera and the sensors. Stunning efforts have been made by the users, to hide the hole from displaying itself by camouflaging it with some wallpapers. Samsung also merged with Disney to come up with their original wallpapers that hide the camera.

Disney’ Zootopia and The Incredibles

The general idea is to hide it in such a way that it either looks hidden or part of the decoration. Surrounding it with any wallpaper of the color black or pointing it out as a black dot on the wallpaper is something that could be done. Efforts have been made by Samsung to come up with wallpapers such as Disney’s Zootopia, Frozen, and The Incredibles.

Renewable Theme

With a paid price for the theme that expires in 14 days if not renewed again, Samsung’s initiative to make it free for users of S10 and S10E only is pretty riveting. For others, it is back to the same default theme if not renewed within 14 days. So friends, get ready to use amazing and colorful Disney and Pixar Wallpapers in your Samsung Galaxy S10.

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