Samsung Exceeded Expectations With the Galaxy S10 Plus

So far this year, no release has fulfilled more expectations than the Galaxy S10 Plus. Out of all the phone’s impressive specs, none are more welcome than the fingerprint sensor that’s built into its screen. This groundbreaking development finally brings years of speculation and rumors to fruition. On top of bringing one of Samsung’s most highly anticipated plans to life, this phone packs plenty surprises. From a Snapdragon 855 processor to five cameras, this smartphone boasts enough innovative features to win over the most skeptical buyer.

Even though the S10 Plus won’t be available until March 8th, it’s already taken the industry by storm. For months the internet has been awash with rumors, and now consumers finally have access to the truth. Multiple high ranking tech sites have gotten their hands on the Galaxy S10, so the speculation is finally over. As the dust settles and reviews continue to be published, one thing is clear. While the aesthetics can be debated, there’s no denying that Samsung did an exceptional job with their 10th anniversary release.

To help separate fact from fiction, we created this in-depth review of the Galaxy S10 Plus. When we first got our hands on the Galaxy S10 Plus, it managed to exceed our already high expectations. This is one of the most highly anticipated flagships of 2019, which means there are plenty of misconceptions that need to be dispelled. The Galaxy S10 Plus is an anomaly of its own, and it deserves an intimate explanation. Prepare to decide if it’s time to upgrade your smartphone with this insider’s look at the Galaxy S10 Plus!

Exploring the Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy S10 Plus
This phone’s display has effectively eliminated bezels.

When holding the Galaxy S10 Plus, it’s impossible not to be seduced by its design. Boasting a 6.4-inch Infinity-O display, this is the closest thing to an all-screen phone that’s been released to date. Instead of installing a notch at the top of the screen, Samsung got creative. The Korean tech giant carved out holes with a laser to accommodate the two front facing cameras. While these punch holes can be distracting, there are plenty of ways to hide them. From darker wallpapers to activating a black bar at the top of the screen, this mild inconvenience is far from a deal breaker.

When it comes to what’s behind the glass, the specs get even more impressive. The S10 Plus is the first Android phone in the U.S. that’s equipped with Qualcomm’s 7-nanometer Snapdragon 855 processor. This makes it one of the fastest phones on the market, and it’s backed by an equally exceptional battery. Its 4,100 mAh battery is the largest of any Android device and lasts an impressive 12 hours 35 minutes. All this is complimented by 8 to 12GB of RAM and 128GB, 412GB & 1TB internal storage options. While these latter features come at a hefty price, there’s no denying their novelty.

Galaxy S10 Plus
These cameras have some impressive potential.

While the storage options are impressive, the cameras are where the action is at. The three rear cameras include a 12MP main shooter, 12MP telephoto lens and an ultra-wide 16MP camera with a 123-degree view. The front cameras are equally robust, since they sport a 10MP dual-pixel shooter and an 8MP depth-sensing lens. This epic array of cameras is more than a new record for Samsung, it paves the way for amazing Live Focus effects. From intense bokeh customization options to turning the background black and white while maintaining the focus object in color, these choices are nothing short of exceptional.

Just in case customers wanted more, Samsung threw in some additional never before seen features. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor embedded in the display provides a new level of security. By creating a 3D map of users’ fingers, Samsung managed to outdo the OnePlus 6T’s optical sensor. They also equipped the S10 Plus with a Wireless PowerShare feature, which allows the phone to wirelessly charge other devices. From iPhones to other Android releases, every smartphone can take advantage of the S10 Plus’ Qi wireless charging. This communal feature is one of the many reasons to fall head over heels for the Galaxy S10 Plus.

At the end of the day, there’s no denying the S10 Plus’ charm. Despite having a steep $999 starting price for the base model, it’s well worth the money. This is hands down one of the most impressive releases that Samsung has unveiled in a long time. No matter where your allegiance lies, it’s impossible not to be tempted to give the S10 Plus a try. It’s rare that a phone can transcend the usual Apple vs Samsung preconceptions, but the S10 Plus managed to pull it off. This phone is so good that it’s a tough act for any company to follow.

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