Galaxy Note 7 is Reinventing VR and Mobile Security

Note 7 2
The VR capabilities of the Galaxy Note 7 are incomparable!

According to multiple reports, the Galaxy Note 7 is a game changer. It’s set to deliver the best virtual reality experience of any mobile device. Some have gone as far to say its reshaping the future of VR. Another game changing feature is its iris scanner. While this isn’t the first smartphone to harness this technology, it’s definitely the most well known brand to take this risk. Throw in the fact that the new Note sports all the specs that made the S7 a classic & you have a smartphone that’s ready to steal the show. All these interesting twists are making the Galaxy Note 7 the most powerful phone in Samsung’s arsenal.

Why the Galaxy Note 7 is so Revolutionary

Note 7 1
The iris scanner is just one of the many exciting features!

Hands down the most talked about feature of the Galaxy Note 7 is its iris scanner. Ever since hackers have managed to steal crucial info from industry leaders such as Target, T-Mobile & Home Depot, people are getting increasingly paranoid. Now that we are using our smartphones to do everything from banking to social media, an extra layer of protection sounds that much more appealing.

Samsung is taking security to the next level with the iris scanner. It was a gamble, but now they are willing to take the risk. Last year the first smartphones with iris scanners were released, the Lumia 950 & the 950 XL. Unfortunately, these lesser known releases weren’t impressive enough to spark a revolution. The software wasn’t up to par & almost turned clients off to the notion completely. That’s why Samsung took 5 years to create iris scanning fit for the mainstream.

The results of Samsung’s years of investigation have finally come to fruition. Regular cameras cant identify the textural & color differences between irises. For this reason Samsung gave the Galaxy Note 7 an additional front facing sensor to make iris scanning possible. The new camera shoots an infrared light at can map out the different elements of the eye. From there the info is translated into a digital code that’s stored in the “trusted zone” of your phone. Allegedly this will be a safer security tool since the iris has more points of comparison than a fingerprint. It also isn’t susceptible to the same changes fingerprints endure as you age.

The next talked about feature of the Galaxy Note 7 is its ability to play HDR video. This is nothing short of a historic moment for Samsung, since the Note 7 will officially be pioneering HDR video. This new video style is an artful mix of specially encoded content & next generation display technology. Even though HDR video is relatively new for movies, it’s the next step for high quality VR. Critics claim that this is paving the way for a VR revolution. The extra capabilities will allow for a whole new level of immersion. The Note 7 even has its own headset that’s was created especially for it. This new headset offers a native USB-C port on the bottom for power & peripherals. The phone’s 5.7 AMOLED screen is also built to react well for VR users. So it’s apparent that this smartphone is ready to take VR to the next level.

All these exciting features are making the Galaxy Note 7 one of the most notorious smartphones of 2016. It’s fearlessly trailblazing a new security feature & offers uncomparable VR. Both features are in desperate need of salvation. If the Galaxy Note 7 ends up being their savior, the future looks extremely bright for these controversial features. Either way this is guaranteed to be a wild success for Samsung.

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