Take a Peek at the Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung has just released details about the Galaxy Note Edge.

To the delight of fans worldwide, Samsung released pictures of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note Edge. On their website they have unveiled a beautiful masterpiece that makes multi-tasking a breeze. While many of the rumors have been validated, others have been dispelled. No matter what you expected, it’s impossible to be too disappointed with this powerful new release. It features a beefed up camera & improved S Pen, all packed into a seductive design. The Galaxy Note Edge was made for professionals who need a sidekick while they live life on the go.

The Galaxy Note Edge is Ready to Steal the Show

The Galaxy Note Edge celebrates not having borders, which makes it easy to work with. Its sleek 5.6” Quad HD Super AMOLED curved screen offers a completely unique viewing experience. Now all you have to do to access your favorite apps is swipe your thumb along the Edge. This allows you to check notifications & activate your favorite features without having to lift the cover & unlock your phone.

The way notifications are delivered has also changed. They are now displayed discreetly so you can stay focused on your work. You can also customize the information stream to give your updates a personal touch.

Samsung has also beefed up the camera on the Galaxy Note Edge. It has the same low light modifications as the Galaxy S7, so the pictures are crystal clear. It has a 3.7MP front facing camera for selfies, but the rear camera is where the action is. After receiving blowback for lowering the megapixels on the S7, Samsung refused to make the same mistake. The Galaxy Note Edge features a powerful 16MP Smart OIS rear camera. This allows you to take pictures that feature a stunning amount of detail. The F1.9 lens allow for 60% more light to enter, which takes your photos to a whole new level.

Another versatile tool in the Galaxy Note Edge’s arsenal is the S Pen. This great addition allows you to harness the power of smart select. This opens up doors to collect, capture, save & instantly share images & text. You can also add notes to each image you take. This lets you save things in the heat of the moment, before you forget. The enhanced pressure sensitivity lets you write naturally, you can even forget that you are using a smartphone! This increased fluidity allows you to multi-task like a pro. You can divide the screen screen into multiple transitions, so you are always on point.

The battery also allows for fast charging, which is great when you are in a hurry. This allows you to go from zero to 50% in just half an hour. When the battery is running low you can activate the Power Saving Mode, so you can get the most out of the remaining battery life.

It appears that the Galaxy Note Edge lives up to all the hype. Even though what we witnessed is just a preview, it’s plenty to keep us in the loop. We will have to wait at least a month to get the full list of specs. In the meantime, we can speculate on whether the iris scanner is still going to become a surprise last minute feature.

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