How to check whether Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not to use

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Lately many countries around the world banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 usage in Airlines because of its faulty battery that causes explosions and fire in many parts across the world. In recent incidents, the explosions due to Galaxy Note 7 led to fire in a jeep and also reportedly put a house on fire. In another case, the explosion of a Galaxy Note 7 caused major damage to hotel room.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant has announced that the replacement stock for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would start this month and the first country to get the new stocks will be Australia.

You should be alert as still there are some third-party retailers globally that are selling the phones. So you must be wanting to know as how to check whether Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not to use. Here are the things you need to understand.

Check the label on the retail box

According to Samsung the new Note 7 packaging will sport a clear identification on the box which will have a small black square on the white bar code label along with a white sticker with a blue letter ‘S’. This will allow customers to check their Note 7 units for safety labelling once the replacement units will be available. The new labelling will also curb third-party retailers from selling the old stocked Galaxy Note 7 units.

Samsung Bar Code

Check IMEI number


If you do not know what is IMEI in mobile then IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number given to every single mobile phone, typically found behind the battery. IMEI numbers of cellular phones connected to a GSM network are stored in a database (EIR – Equipment Identity Register) containing all valid mobile phone equipment

You can cross-check your Galaxy Note 7 unit safety by entering an IMEI number via an online database.

As all Galaxy Note 7 devices have a unique IMEI number so you can identify and advise if an IMEI number belongs to a new replacement Galaxy Note7. The company has announced that customers in Australia will be able to buy the new Galaxy Note 7 stocks from early October.

According to replacement process published by Samsung Australia, customers who are affected by the Galaxy Note 7 issues remain entitled to choose a new Galaxy Note 7 (where users will be provided with a courtesy device until the replacement Galaxy Note 7 stock arrives) or get complete refund.

You can approach either Samsung or their retailer or operator for the entitlement. Those who elect a replacement Note 7 unit will be contacted by their original place of purchase whether be Samsung or a third-party retailer from September 21 in Australia to coordinate for the collection or delivery of the new Galaxy Note 7 unit.

What to do till replacement arrives?

For those users who still have an affected Galaxy Note 7 smartphone you need to back up your data, complete a factory reset to delete personal data, power down your device and return it to its place of purchase to seek remedy of your choice.

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