Samsung Finally Releases Safe Note 7’s

Slowly yet surely, Samsung is executing its plan to save its reputation. The Note 7’s exploding batteries destroyed Samsung’s streak of releasing critically acclaimed phones. Even though this may have been the biggest blunder in the company’s history, the show had just begun. After the Note 7 was quickly recalled, Samsung scrambled to come up with the necessary fixes to introduce the phone back on the market. After weeks of confusion, new safe Note 7’s have finally arrived. Now consumers have a valid way of knowing if they are buying a fixed Note 7. But despite these changes, a shocking amount of clients are still using their original Note 7’s.

Samsung Scrambles to Salvage Its Reputation

safe Note 7's
The Note 7 is officially back!

Finally, there’s hope for customers to get a new Note 7. Nearly 3 weeks after the first reports, the problem has been identified & the new phones are ready to sell. Apparently, faulty lithium ion batteries were causing these phones to burst into flames. Samsung has officially released a new wave of 500,000 Note 7’s on American soil. Each one has been equipped with a few clues to help buyers sort through post recall phones. The new Note 7 battery icon will be bright green instead of the standard monochrome. This way there will be no confusion when purchasing a refurbished Note 7.

Even though these phones have gained worldwide notoriety, a surprising amount of people still use their original Note 7’s. According to Samsung, only 25% of clients have exchanged their phones. That means that over 750,000 fire prone phones are still being used by the public. Samsung has launched a new campaign that they hope will convince users to turn in their phones. Now every time someone tries to charge a Note 7 sold before Sept 15th, they get an urgent reminder that their phone is a ticking time bomb.

safe Note 7's
These features will help weed out the faulty versions.

This pop up aims to shield Samsung from further lawsuits. They are already being sued by a man in Florida. Allegedly he received 2nd degree burns on his leg & thumb when his Note 7 exploded in his pants. The incident happened on September 9th, about a week after Samsung released its first unofficial recall. He is still eligible to sue since that’s still one week before the Note 7 was formally recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Unfortunately for Samsung, this will probably be the first of many lawsuits. To date there have been over 92 reports of exploding Note 7’s in the US alone. These unexpected infernos have caused 26 reports of burns & 55 cases of property damage. Hopefully the new pop up warnings will help customers avoid similar incidents.

Now that Samsung finally has a game plan, they can start to rebuild their empire. The iPhone 7 failed to swoon as many critics as expected, so the time is ripe to make a comeback. All they have to do is convince the public that the Note 7 is safe for use. To make this happen, they need to get all the faulty phone’s off the street before they cause more destruction. This may seem like an uphill battle, but if anyone could pull it off it’s Samsung.

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