3 Mistakes Even Samsung Made

Samsung Mistakes 1
Samsung may be one of the industry leaders, but they are far from perfect.

Every major company has had its blunders, & Samsung is no exception. From questionable releases to epic marketing failures, no cell phone producer is immune from making mistakes. While the Korean giant has expanded by leaps in bounds, there are always casualties when dealing with hundreds of different products. When you are dealing with marketing on an international level, there’s bound to be occasional hiccups.

Samsung is one of the titans of the industry, & their fleet of products proves it. In 2014 they reported a staggering $22.1 billion net income, with over $529.5 billion in total assets. This tsunami of cash employs 489,000 workers around the world. Every year they release countless products, ranging from smart refrigerators to VR video cameras. In the midst of this marketing frenzy, plenty of mistakes have been made.

Fortunately the best way to grow is by learning from your mistakes. Samsung has gone to great lengths to never make the same mistake twice. Even though they are vying for power against some of the biggest companies in the world, their mantra makes them stand out. We are highlighting some of the company’s shortcomings so you can witness how far they have come. It’s no secret that Samsung is evolving at an alarming rate. Discover the pitfalls that make their current success so impressive!

3 of Samsung’s Biggest Mistakes

Samsung Mistakes 2
The Note 5 was ready to conquer Europe, unfortunately that crusade never happened.

Mistake #1: Not Releasing the Note 5 in Europe – With users around Europe clamoring for the Note 5, Samsung dropped the ball. Instead of releasing the highly anticipated Note 5, Samsung decided to only offer Europe the Galaxy S6 Edge+. This was a slap in the face for many users, since the Note is one of the most versatile devices in Samsung’s arsenal. Since its original release in 2011 the Note has continuously converting users over to using its enticing phablet design. We can only hope Samsung doesn’t repeat the same mistake this year.

Mistake #2: Eye Tracking on the Galaxy S4 – Following the enormous buzz of this groundbreaking release, many users were left dazed & confused. The smartphone’s eye tracking feature allegedly allowed users to scroll through pages by looking up or down. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4’s front facing camera wasn’t capable of capturing precise eye movements. Instead of revolutionizing how people reviewed content, at best users got an easily confused head tracker. This caused serious blow back for Samsung, & the feature was quickly scrapped. Apparently this failure motivated Samsung to fine-tune this mysterious feature. The Korean giant went back to the drawing board, now the Note 7 will feature innovative iris scanning technology.

Samsung Mistakes 3
Unfortunately, even after the fanfare actors are still deeply in love with their iPhones.

Mistake #3: Sponsoring Celebrities Loyal to Apple – Convincing celebrities to endorse your product is easy, keeping them loyal is where things go awry. Samsung has repeatedly been let down by celebrities that they paid to endorse their products. In 2012 they made David Beckham a global brand ambassador during the London Olympics. It seemed like the perfect plan. However, the entire marketing ploy was exposed when David Beckham’s iPhone started ringing in the middle of the LA Galaxy press conference. He politely refused to answer it, stating that it “wasn’t a Samsung”. Even when they sponsored the Oscars, many celebrities that endorsed Samsung were caught uploading photos to Twitter with their iPhones. This proves that money doesn’t buy loyalty.

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