Best Apps for Listening to Podcasts

The podcast bonanza is in full swing, and plenty of apps are swooping in to accommodate everyone. When the first wave of podcasts appeared in 2002, they were seen as nothing more than amateur talk radio shows. Despite not being taken seriously, these underestimated programs ended up sparking a revolution. Against all odds, providing long bursts of uninterrupted content that was completely uncensored proved to be a winning combination. Viewers from around the world demanded more content, and everyone from celebrities to YouTubers scrambled to make their own podcasts.

Over the next 17 years, this new form of entertainment redefined how people absorb information. Due to their long, uncensored format, everything from gossip to history lessons can be expounded on within podcasts. What started as a niche industry has quickly evolved into one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. Today users can choose between more than 700,000 active podcasts that have pumped out over 29 million episodes. This was a huge jump from the 550,000 podcasts and 18.5 million episodes from 2018, and every year it grows even more exponentially.

Now that there are literally too many podcasts to listen to in one lifetime, using apps to sort them is essential. From organizing episodes to adjusting video speeds, these programs help the average user absorb their favorite shows more efficiently. While many of their features may seem trivial, together they make a big difference. Once you start using podcast apps, going back to randomly listening to shows seems archaic. To showcase this phenomenon, we compiled a list of the best podcast apps for Android. These apps will revolutionize how you get entertained, so browse this list to discover you next daily sidekick!

Best Apps for Podcasts in 2019

Discover why this app consistently wins over listeners.

App #3: Castbox – Now that we are officially inundated in new podcasts, this program is a breath of fresh air. Through their extensive algorithms, Castbox helps unites users with podcasts that are ideal for their tastes. By analyzing your favorite shows, they are able to provide recommendations that are infinitely more relevant than the top 100 lists. On top of specializing in uncovering new gems, Castbox is compatible with any device in your arsenal. Users can listen to Castbox on Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, CarPlay, Google Home & Android Auto.

This extensive compatibility allows users to indulge in their favorite shows on the go through voice commands. For those who are willing to endure advertisements, the app is completely free. Their premium version is only $0.99 cents a month, which lets users skip the ads and have unlimited subscriptions. There’s no reason to keep listening to the same podcasts, so discover which shows are ready to invade your playlist!

Enjoy unlimited selection with over 10 million podcasts.

App #2: Himalaya – Even though this program is a newcomer, it’s already won over the masses with its innovative features. Himalaya was released in 2019, and came prepared with plenty of content and features. They manage to expertly balance podcast listening and production features. While their recording options are endless, the list of playlists is equally extensive. The number of potential podcasts is so massive that even smaller niches such as language courses have over 2,274 podcasts. This app is completely free, so access up to 10 million podcasts without sacrificing your spare change!

Podcast Apps
This premium app is finally available for free!

App #1: Pocket Casts – When browsing through the extensive lineup of podcast apps, none generate more consistent praise than Pocket Casts. Aside from boasting a new free version that isn’t too abusive with ads, their features are unmatched. Pocket Casts boasts an easy to use interface that’s bursting at the seams with useful options. Users can speed up the audio pace by 0.1 increments to find the perfect flow for each podcast. It’s fully compatible with Alexa and car speakers, which allows users to listen to their favorite shows anywhere. They recently dropped the initial fees, so take advantage of this welcome discount to access the best podcast listening app available!

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